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Nov 21, 2006 12:02 PM

Brief report on HK...

I ate so much good food in Hong Kong... unfortunately I was taken to a lot of places and ended up, er, having more maotai than was strictly necessary, so I'll probably never find any of them again, but here are capsule reviews of a few places:

Mu Dan Ting, Tsim Sha Tsui: very tasty "baau" ("exploded") river eel with green onions and chili peppers, tasty enough suanlatang (hot and sour soup), sublime roast goose, horrible fried rice.

The noodle shop in Wellington Street half a block east of D'Aguilar in Lan Kwai Fong (sorry, forgot name) -- incredibly good min with shrimp eggs for HK$33, about US$4.25.

The dim sum at Plaza Inn at Disneyland was incredibly tasty, surprisingly -- and much cheaper than one would think yum cha at Disneyland would be, HK$118 per person for a huge feast (five dim sums, soup, three main courses, fried rice and dessert).

The find of the week was Shanghai Mian [Shanghai Kitchen], shop 322, 3/F, Maritime Square, Tsing Yi:

* XLB with pork and hairy crab - blew DTF out of the water
* Cold boiled cuttlefish in soy sauce - succulent and refreshing
* Jellyfish with minced chicken and Chinese cabbage - the winner of the evening, we fought over the last portion
* "Fire pepper fish slice" - a soup that was the spiciest thing I've ever put in my mouth but, when cooled with a bit of sugar (the waiter's suggestion, not mine) was sublime
* Thick tofu soup with coriander - quite competently done
* Roast chicken, Shandong style (smoked, then roasted) - wow, wow, wow.
* Braised bok choy with salty cured pork - tasty but a bit too salty
* Sesame balls in rose liquid - explosions of sesame in sweet rose liqueur.
* "Four treasures tea" (say po chaa) - just like "ba bao cha", incredibly fragrant

The price for this feast (for four people) was HK$600 - about US$77.

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  1. Great stuff, how long were you in HK for?

    Which DTF do you think those XLB were better than?

    Should give us more info when you have time!

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    1. Yeesh, Tsing Yi is far. Is the XLB worth the trip?

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      1. re: eatfood

        Well, it's only half an hour from Central. Is the XLB worth it? I couldn't say, I didn't do an exhaustive survey of XLB in HK. I think it's worth it but that doesn't mean you would.