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Nov 21, 2006 11:44 AM

Best Chocolate Birthday Cake Recipe....HELP!

So, in addition to celebrating Thanksgiving, we are celebrating my father's 60th birthday. My stepmom wants a birthday cake for him (in addition to all the traditional T-giving desserts). She said "chocolate cake with white frosting." Yuck. I hate white frosting. I'll be making the cake, and if it were for ME, I would jazz it up a lot....but does anyone have a great recipe for the best chocolate cake with, perhaps, a white chocolate icing or something different? Something yummy? Something not boring? :-)

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  1. I have been making a giant ring ding cake lately. It is different and delicious. I use the dessert bible's devil's food cake recipe. The filling consists of whipped butter, confectionary sugar and (gasp) marshmallow fluff. Fill the cake rounds with the creme and pour melted dark chocolate over the top. I hope this will work. I will post anything you request.

    1. IMO the best, most reliable chocolate cake is from epicurious, the chocolate layer cake. I make it often with the ganache frosting but I've made it with Krissywats white frosting (which is delicious) with great success.
      -I tried to attach a link to the cake but I cannot remember how to do it correctly...duh!!!

      1. Ahem! It's epi's Double Chocolate Layer Cake...(hee, just kidding) and it is undoubtedly my favorite chocolate cake EVER, I agree with 4chowpups. The cake itself is stellar but that ganache frosting is over the top; many reviewers have made other frostings for it, too and reading the reviews is so much reviewer said they needed a cigarette's the link:

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          Thank VAL!!! Alright, I should be reported for my errors on this blog however if you could see what I am usually trying to do at the same time you'd guilty pleasure is this site. Also, thanks for posting the link, one day I'll figure out how to do it!!

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            That looks a lot like the black magic cake I've made from allrecipes, only 1 1/2 times more batter.


            Huge difference in the pictures, though! I've used just whipped cream frosting on it and it was very good.

          2. Could I just substitue white chocolate in the icing??? Would that work? (I know, "white icing" and "white chocolate" are different, but Dad's not the biggest chowhound, so he'll like it either way!)

            I'd like the Ring Ding recipe, too, if you can post it, Chocolate Chick!

            Thanks so much all....

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              I tried that once without success, I used Callebaut white chocolate and the frosting was thin and ran off the cake!! Hopefully someone else will respond with a white chocolate frosting other than the ones that I have seen with cream cheese in them. Search the site for Krissywats frosting, it is sooo good (buttercream).

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                No need to stress. There are literally dozens of variations on white frosting using any or some combination of these:
                white chocolate
                cream cheese
                sour cream
                whipped cream
                white buttercream
                powdered sugar icing

                A simple frosting in the new Dorie Greenspan combines 6 ou of white chocolate with 1.5 cups of heavy cream for a simple but elegant finish.
                Melt the chocolate. Separately, bring a 1/2 cup of the cream to a boil, then add to the melted chocolate and let sit a minute. Stir until smooth and let come to room temp. Whip the remaining cup of cream to soft peaks, then add the ROOM TEMP chocolate mixture and beat to firm peaks. Voila! Easy as can be.
                Garnish with white and brown chocolate shavings.

              2. Ok, on another thought....Epicurious has a recipe for an Almond Icing. That may work.....has anyone made it before?