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Drinks in the East Village?

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We are meeting friends this weekend for dinner at Lavagna in the East Village. We'd like to hook up for drinks somewhere in the neighborhood before going there for dinner. Any suggestions of where to go are greatly appreciated.

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  1. as long as you're not looking for something fancy, bouche bar across the street would fit the bill.

    1. Ace Bar is next door and fun to play skee ball at.

      1. I'd recommend d.b.a., on 1st Av. between 2nd and 3rd or so.

        1. dba is my favorite bar in NYC.

          1. In Vino for a glass of wine on 4th between Ave A/B. (good for Italian wines)
            Bar Carrera on Second Ave between 11th/12th St (great for a glass of sherry or Spanish wine)
            10 Degrees on St. Marks between 1st Ave/Ave A (excellent yet small selection of wines)
            Angel Share (look up address but it's around 9th St and 3rd Ave, bit tricky to find but GREAT cocktails and a great vibe.)
            Blue Owl on 2nd Ave btwn 11th and 12th (I think) a cool cocktail bar, drinks not quite as good at Angel Share but good nevertheless.

            1. angel's share shares a second-floor space with the restaurant village yoko cho on 9th street just before 3rd avenue, next to sunrise mart. to access it, go up into the restaurant and make a sharp left once you're up the stairs. personally, i don't think there's anything that remarkable about it although i know i'm in the minority. it's a tiny, cramped, very loud bar that happens to do better than average cocktails. nb: they don't seat parties larger than four, and there's no place to wait for a table/bar seat if the place is rammed (which it usually is).

              1. THanks everyone for the great suggestions...we'll definitely pick one of yours.

                1. McSorley's is the oldest bar in NYC. Dark or blonde brew for you and yours...