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Nov 21, 2006 11:00 AM

Substitution for Nonfat Dry Milk in Bread Recipes

Hello Everybody!
I just purchased King Arthur's Whole Grain Baking. It looks like a great book except for one point - quite a few of the breads have Nonfat Dry Milk as one of its ingredients. Unfornately, I'm allergic to dairy and was hoping to substitute an ingredient for the Nonfat Dry Milk. Any Suggestions?


P.S., No other allergies apply!

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  1. instant soymilk powder

    1. Unless there's quite a lot of it - which I can't imagine - I'd just leave it out.

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        If I recall correctly, some of them call for up to 1/2 cup of the dry milk.
        Would it still be ok to leave it out entirely?

      2. I would personally still just leave it out. I think that it's probably there more for nutritional reasons than anything else. Is this a yeast-raised bread? If so, you're going to be kneading the dough and adding flour until it's the right consistency. So you'll make up for the milk powder anyway. And if it's a quick bread, you can add a teensy bit more flour (but not a whole half cup) if you feel it really is necessary. Remember - the dry milk dissolves in liquid, so doesn't really behave like flour in the recipe anyway.