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Nov 21, 2006 10:21 AM


Friends are into their last week of a 3 month tour of Italy, Spain and France. He is looking to take his wife to a fun restaurant with good food and sensibly priced wine this Thursday November 23.
I'm thinking Train Bleu - am I on the wrong "track"? Any good suggestions?
Many thanks in advance.

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  1. If your aim is "fun," then you might try La Cantine Due Faubourg. It's a cross between performance art and a restaurant, with consantly changing lighting and imagery projected on the walls. The food was interesting and good. It was definitely fun and very memorable. Moderate prices.

    1. Personally, for a 'fun' evening, I'd rather go to a small neighbourhood bistrot where you sit elbow to elbow (thinking of L'Ardoise, Le Petit Troquet, Le Florimond, Le Petit Pontoise, Petit Marguery, etc.).
      Nothing wrong with Le Train Bleu, but it's rather for a 'classic' night out. And I'd go there rather for the suberb interior than the food. But, you can always have a drink at the bar (pricey however).

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        Many thanks for both replies and I have passed them on.