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Nov 21, 2006 10:01 AM

Good bahn mi (aka vietnamese subs/sandwiches)?

Having just returned from New York with the vivid memory of an astonishingly tasty bahn mi in my mind, I am keen to track down bahn mi here in London. In case my terminology is off, I'm talking about these wonderful baguette sandwiches that sound odd, given the components, but are actually food perfection. The ones I've eaten have pickled shredded carrot and daikon, lots of cilantro, lots of sweet pork, fresh chilis, and some kind of spongy pork sausage that others before me have described as pate. I know, it doesn't sound like it works, but done well, it is the perfect balance of hot/spicy/sour/sweet. Can anyone tell me where I can find such a thing in London? I'd prefer a central London location but will travel far and wide as necessary.

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  1. Pho on St John St serves them, though how good they are I could not tell you

    loon Kee ( sp?) on The Kingsland High Rd ( just north of Shoreditch ) also serves them.

    There are any number of Vietnamese places on that strip so, I am sure they can point you in the right direction

    hope this helps


    1. Thanks Simon - that sounds like an excellent starting point. I'll report out if I find anything good.