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Nov 21, 2006 07:13 AM

What do you put in the cavity or on/under the skin of your turkey?

I always put a half an onion between each leg and some garlic, onion, fresh rosemary and thyme in the cavity. I sprinkle some salt, pepper and poultry seasoning on the bird and put some butter on it about an hour before finishing.

I'm thinking of trying bacon under the skin.

What do you do to the bird?

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  1. The cavity seasonings I use -- like yours less garlic -- seem to have little direct effect on the taste of the turkey, but they mix with the juices that flow into the roasting pan (and make the house smell great). Seasonings on or under the skin have a more direct impact and, of course, strongly flavor the drippings, so I keep it simple and avoid anything that I don't want to taste in the gravy. Good-quality butter, salt, pepper, and thyme are my favorites.

    1. I like to stuff the cavity with halved apples. It may be my imagination, but it seems to keep the bird moist and it smells good, too.

      1. Fresh honey-butter and some kosher salt spread everywhere under the skin satisfies me. The apple slices sound good too.

        1. I put half an orange, half an apple, an onion cut in half, a bit of celery, and some herbs in the cavity.

          Was never much of an under the skin fan. The last time I tried that, the skin got crispy, but broke away from the meat too easily, and it didn't really help that much.

          1. I slide whole sage leaves under the skin. It looks great and gives great flavoring. I've always wanted to try thin slices of Meyer lemon under the skin, but never find them during Thanksgiving-time. Thank you.