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Nov 21, 2006 06:53 AM

Best chili cheese fries in SF?

Going away from the hot dog conversation, is anyone else a big chili cheese fries fan? I used to like the version at Slider's, but the last time I went it was completely underseasoned, and tasted less like chili versus hamberger with kidney beans and tomatoes! A good rendition is not so easy to find, if anyone has found it (nice, crisp-but-mealy fries, flavorful chili with just the right amount of onion, and high-quality cheddar versus "cheese-sauce"...)

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  1. I don't get chili fries very often, but did at Flipper's (Hayes Valley) a few weeks ago. I asked for the chili on the side as I didn't want the last of the fries to get too mushy. The chili was tasty as were the chunky fries.