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Nov 21, 2006 05:56 AM

Coley's in NOHO, a real disapointment!

Went to Coley's Carribean Cuisine Restaurant today. I realize that it's a Jamaican based restaurant, and I suppose the owners wanted it to be authentic, but they truly could have skipped the "Island Time" service.

When we walked in we/ my S.O. and I, were greeted, sat at the bar. It took about 5 min before we could order a few beers. The place @ 4pm maybe had 4 guests, already a bad sign. So after another 5 min we requested some menus. 10 min later, the waitress came back to check up on us(mind you no more than 4 guests in the place) we requested to try the curried chicked and curried goat before we decided what to order." Actually not bad, but I decided to go with the Jerk Chicken which for dinner is supposed to be a half a chicken, with salad rice "vegetable" and some "festival bread" which actually looked like a "breaded egg".

We also ordered "crab cakes", literally the size of maybe half dollar coins. You get 3 for 6.95! What a rip! Anyway they tasted as if they were microwaved, hard and chewy.

Fortunately, the crab cakes came out the same time as dinner so it was safe to send them back. The server came by to check up on us and I showed her how hard the last crab cake was and asked her if she would eat this? She was gracious and apologized and offered to remove it from the bill.

Regarding dinner, disappointing to say the least! I ordered the Jerk Chicken. The salad, was a shredded mess with tomato wedge, the red beans & rice, which the menu calls "rice & peas", no flavor or seasoning at all. Same with the veggies. The Jerk chicken was actually flavorful but I'm sorry, if you're going to tell me you get a "half chicken" give me a HALF CHICKEN, NOT A CORNISH GAME HEN! I've had a half chicken in other places such as Zankou, Wood Ranch, Pollo Loco even! Coley's did not serve have a chicken. the festival bread/breaded egg was a joke.

My S.O. ordered the curried chicken, She was just as disapointed as I was. In fact she was giving me static for taking her there. Donald Coley/owner was actually there and asked us if we were enjoying our dinner. I told him, "Not Really", he just walked away. No apology, no effort to make things right, no effort to make the customer happy.

I honestly don't like to be a difficult customer but everthing about the Coley's experience was awfully disappointing. That's hard to do in L.A. with so many restaurants bidding for your "dining dollar". I truly don't mind paying for decent portions, great service and great food. We paid, more like got "swindled" Jamaican Style.

"Donald and Audrey believe that only the best is good enough for their customers". Well, definately not at Coley's NOHO! There are so many other places to spend your dining dollar. Sorry, this is definately not one of them. Coley's NOHO Grade: F-

Not let me tell you how I really feel! Oh, I did like the music though. Nice Reggae Selections.

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  1. Am I the only person that's been to this place?

      1. re: GK in SO

        On Magnolia behind the Ralphs market at Vineland in the former Villa Sorrento building.
        This should help:

      2. This is not the first time I have heard a bad review of Coley's. My sister started eating there years ago, maybe as much as ten years ago. At that time there was only one Coley's, and even her Jamaican friend agreed that the food was awesome. This reminds of how M&M's restaurants changed after adding more locations. The food went downhill.

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        1. re: mikiesmom

          This is only one location added! If service and quality doesn't change soon, I'd be surprised if they last a whole 6mo.

        2. I ate at the Noho location w/the galpal a few weeks ago. I would call it an average place, not a disappointment, not a destination restaurant. I had the jerk chicken and yes, it's not the biggest portion for the price (about $13) but it tasted decent and had a good amount of spice. The galpal had the chicken lockerton (stuffed chicken breast) and she liked it. It wasn't too crowded on a Saturday night but they had a duo playing R & B songs and it was a nice time. Hopefully they can up the quality because Noho could use the variety.