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Yes, THAI BOOM is as good as everyone said it would be

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their PLA PRIK PAO (sauteed roasted red curry with basil)was sublime
as was
their SOM TUM THAI (shredded green papaya with shrimp salad)
i took some TOM YUM soup home for lunch tomorrow.

this place could become very addicting--the food is so good, the prices are so low, and it is so convenient; not to mention that the waitress was terrific--friendly and attentive and helpful.

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  1. And where is it located? Thanks.

    1. Yes - a great spot. It's our goto local Thai. They have a nice fried tofu appetizer, too, with a sweet chili dipping sauce. I like all I've had.

      Anyone local (and even not) should give it a shot. I think it's the best close-by Thai by several miles, at least.

      Thai Boom
      10863 Venice Blvd (@ Midvale, just west of Bamboo)
      LA CA 90034

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      1. re: CulverJack

        Thanks for the rec. How is their pad thai?

        It may seem like a "duh" question, but it's really important to me! I'm looking for a nearby Thai place that won't make the pad thai too sweet. I want it reasonably well sauced (not dry), pungent, spicy, with a few shrimp and some tofu, nice and slippery noodles, fresh veggies (no wilted sprouts!) and a few lime wedges. It seems like not a lot to ask, but it's hard to find.

        Thai Fresh on Westwood is atrocious. That place on Colby/Santa Monica is disgusting and has pink ketchup flavored pad thai. Tuk Tuk Thai is okay, but a little too heavily sauced and a bit more expensive that most Thai places.

        1. re: Pei

          can't really talk about the pad thai since i never order it, and wouldn't know good pad thai from bad pad thai.