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Nov 21, 2006 05:26 AM

Yes, THAI BOOM is as good as everyone said it would be

their PLA PRIK PAO (sauteed roasted red curry with basil)was sublime
as was
their SOM TUM THAI (shredded green papaya with shrimp salad)
i took some TOM YUM soup home for lunch tomorrow.

this place could become very addicting--the food is so good, the prices are so low, and it is so convenient; not to mention that the waitress was terrific--friendly and attentive and helpful.

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  1. And where is it located? Thanks.

    1. Yes - a great spot. It's our goto local Thai. They have a nice fried tofu appetizer, too, with a sweet chili dipping sauce. I like all I've had.

      Anyone local (and even not) should give it a shot. I think it's the best close-by Thai by several miles, at least.

      Thai Boom
      10863 Venice Blvd (@ Midvale, just west of Bamboo)
      LA CA 90034

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      1. re: CulverJack

        Thanks for the rec. How is their pad thai?

        It may seem like a "duh" question, but it's really important to me! I'm looking for a nearby Thai place that won't make the pad thai too sweet. I want it reasonably well sauced (not dry), pungent, spicy, with a few shrimp and some tofu, nice and slippery noodles, fresh veggies (no wilted sprouts!) and a few lime wedges. It seems like not a lot to ask, but it's hard to find.

        Thai Fresh on Westwood is atrocious. That place on Colby/Santa Monica is disgusting and has pink ketchup flavored pad thai. Tuk Tuk Thai is okay, but a little too heavily sauced and a bit more expensive that most Thai places.

        1. re: Pei

          can't really talk about the pad thai since i never order it, and wouldn't know good pad thai from bad pad thai.