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Nov 21, 2006 05:09 AM

first time in NY, where should we eat?

We are going to a concert at the blue note on Sat nite after thanksgiving. We are staying at the Holiday Inn Manhattan, and want some suggestions for affordable and good dining options in that area. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, whatever. We can't spluge and spend too much money, but atmosphere would be nice... any suggestions?

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  1. It might be helpful for everyone to provide:

    - What are your cost limitations?
    - What cuisines you like and would like to try?
    - Are you willing to travel or stay within the areas you noted?


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    1. There are at least two holiday inns in Manhattan...

      1. Here some themes:

        Historic place and tastes:
        1. Patsy's Pizza in Harlem
        2. Katz Deli (pastrami)

        Nice and delicious and take reservations:
        1. Marseille (near you)
        2. Jane (brunch)

        To keep things on budget at expensive places, eat the food but avoid: bottled water, alcohol, coffee, and even dessert.

        1. Gascogne on 8th between 17th and 18th is like a joint in the south of France and will not break the bank.

          1. Chinatown is the best bet for inexpenive meals. Here's a good post of some ideas:


            For West Village, try:
            Galanga (Thai):

            Pearl Oyster Bar:

            Moustache (Middle Eastern):

            When in Little Italy, try:
            Lombardi's for Pizza:

            Hopefully that should get you started.