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Nov 21, 2006 04:05 AM

last minute suggestion for good anniversary dinner

My husband and I want to go out for a good meal tonight to celebrate our anniversary - any suggestions? I'm looking for a higher end DC restaurant (that will take a last minute reservation), with a higher emphasis on the food itself as opposed to the presentation. Some places we were considering were...Bucks, 1789, Georgia Browns, Restaurant Eve. I'm thinking hearty American comfort food.

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  1. Never been to Buck's, the '89 doesn't qualify as American or comfort food, Georgia Brown's certainly does, though it's Southern comfort and vein cloggingly hearty, but certainly not as high end as the '89 if that's what you're looking for. Never been to Rest. Eve, though I'm told it's spectacular in every sense of the word and even romantic. But not sure if it's hearty American.

    You might want to consider Colvin Run - it's a high end special occasion type place with an emphasis on American food.

    1. Of those you've listed, I'd only consider Eve (to which I have not been). At the top of my list would be Komi, Corduroy and Palena, at each of which the emphasis is on the food.

      1. Eve's is fantastic. Palena is excellent and I like Corduroy too but it's not particularly romantic.

        1. How about the Blue Duck Tavern? That's definitely upscale comfort food.

          1. NOT Bucks- they consistently get bad reviews from all except Tom Siestma. Their portions are stingy and offerings few.

            I would heartily recommend Blue Duck. My other fave is Montmartre in the Eastern Market area (and I'm looking forward to trying their new place in DUpont- Montsouris). It's not as fancy-schmancy as 1789, but that's part of the appeal.