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Forget about the hamburgers, who makes the best Fishburger?

Can be a tasty take on the square filet-o-fish clone, or "gourmet"-style....who cares, where can we find the best of these in Los Angeles?

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  1. I do enjoy the tuna burger at Gulfstream in Newport Beach. Fantastic crab cakes there too.

    I must admit the Filet-o-Fish is a guilty pleasure of mine. ;)

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      Second that on both accounts!

      The tuna burger at Gulfstream's Century City location is great.

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        Yes, Gulfstream has a good one. Usually grouper. Great veg sides too.

      2. My local Farmer Boys (Tustin) does a killer fish burger.
        The chain is in LA too.

        1. Malibu Seafood on the Pacific Coast Hwy north of Malibu. Best ahi burger I've ever had.

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            malibu does make a pretty good one, and it's about 7 bucks or so with fries, which is not bad compared to the grilled fish items which range up to the high teens.

          2. Cheebo! Ask to substitute ahi for the burger in the
            burger and you get a great fishburger! Much better
            taste and value than any of their other "fishwiches."

            1. LOL! It's not fancy, but for the biggest variety try Captain Kidds in Redondo...


              1. For my $$$, the best fish burger and the standard to which all fish burgers are to be judged is the Filet-O-Fish at McDonald's.

                Now, if you are too cultured to appreciate a chain-type, fast food restaurant, then you might like the fish burger at CONNAL'S in Pasadena, although at times it can be a bit too greasy for my liking.

                The "Sea Wolfe" at WOLFE BURGERS in Pasadena is probably the best alternative to the Fish-O-Filet, but just make sure you don't ruin the Sea Wolfe by drowning it with all the selections at the condiment bar ...

                WOLFE BURGERS
                46 N. Lake Ave.
                (626) 792-7292

                1505 E. Washington Blvd.
                (626) 794-5018

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                  Anyone have an updated list of fish burgers?

                  Those are all closed... except the McDonald, unfortunately as their quality is a joke compared to 2006

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                    In the category of non-fastfood, Gerlach's Grill and/or San Marino Seafood.

                2. how bout the ahi tuna burger at watercress.

                  1. Slapfish in Huntington Beach.

                    1. It's not like the filet o fish at all but my favorite seafood burger is the salmon burger at Westside Tavern. It's not a deep fried patty but a ground salmon burger one. The flavor and texture is perfect. It comes with a side (soup, salad, fries) for $13.

                      1. I like the fish sandwich at I D Cha House (San Gabriel and Monrovia). Triple decker with two layers of fish plus condiments. The feature is the coating which appears to be made from bread crumbs. Actually I think I like the fish nuggets or whatever they call them better than the fish sandwich.

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                          You know who makes a pretty good fried fish (nugget or otherwise)? Uncle John's in DTLA.

                        2. Santa Monica Seafood makes an excellent spicy salmon burger. As well, their swordfish sliders are very good.