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Nov 19, 2006 06:10 PM

Woodflame wood burning portable grill

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are you all pan searing the burgers or doing them on a grill or oven to make them so good?

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  1. Best is my Woodflame grill --
    This thing heats up to about 1000 F and they are done in less than 5 minutes.

    Second best is BBQ at maximum heat

    Failing these (I won't BBQ in the snow), pan seared on cast iron

    I have also tried thawing and pressing two patties together to get a better sear on a rare burger, but they don't stick together very well.

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    1. re: embee

      How much is the woodflame and which model do you have?

      1. re: TOgirl

        I have a Delecto. I paid something like $75 at Rona in Toronto. What I do not know is whether they are still available anywhere in Toronto. (Oddly, it is easier to buy one in the States than it is in Toronto.)

        Barring that opportunity, I believe they cost about $300 or so from many retailers in Quebec. That is, they are cheaper than a portable infra red BBQ. The gizmo really does work. I use it in the fireplace during the winter.

        The downside (obvious from their website) is that you can't use it to cook for a crowd.

        1. re: embee

          Thanks embee. Last question - does it smoke when you cook?

          Their website claims it doesn't as it cooks at such high heat.

          Thanks again.

          1. re: TOgirl

            Hard to give you a straight answer. It's true, but it isn't :-(

            When you light the wood chunks, it smokes. Once the wood catches and the fire starter burns out, it doesn't smoke very much, if at all. (It depends on the wood -- mesquite smokes a bit; hickory doesn't.)

            If you arrange the grates carefully (not hard to do, but I am sometimes hurried and get careless), this inferno spreads under the entire grill surface. You'll get smoke from the cooking meat, but not from the grill itself. Also, a steak doesn't flare. (I've never tried it with a chicken, since I suspect it is too hot.)

            If you don't close the grates carefully, you will get some smoke and, possibly, some flaring. The catch here is that a modicum of wood smoke makes the food taste better.

            It is true that it cools in a few minutes and leaves only about a tbsp of ash.

    2. I cook the frozen Licks Nature Burgers in a little grapeseed oil in a heavy iron grill pan. You need to time them very carefully. Too little cooking and they are mushy; too much and they are dry. They're better in a Licks restaurant imho. I have yet to try the frozen meat variety.

      1. I am bumping this thread because after a night of googling for a "portable infrared grill" this one really stands out to me... It would be ideal to use in the middle of winter because of its small size and portability (I could set it up in the garage)

        The problem is, I cannot find a single place to buy this in the Toronto-Area!

        I am hoping that since this thread is from back in 2006 someone might have some updated news for me... or maybe there is something better out there now? (The only "must have" feature I am looking for is the 1000+ degree temperature; I want to make some killer grilled steaks in the winter which I am normally not able to do since our large BBQ in the backyard isn't really mobile and gets wrapped up for the winter.

        Thanks in advance!