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Nov 21, 2006 03:10 AM

Sushi in the touristy part of town...

So here's my request:

I'm a New Yorker who's frequently visting Chicago nowadays because my girlfriend is working in South Bend.. she (and I) love sushi, but South Bend is far from a sushi mecca.

We almost always end up staying at/near N. Michigan Avenue. I know, its desperately uncool, but 'dems the breaks.

What I'm looking for is a very good sushi restaurant thats within a reasonable distance of that area...doesn't have to be walking distance per se, but not a schlep, either.

I don't mind if its pricey, but I'd rather not have it be obscene. I also don't really care about the "scene"; in fact, I prefer a more sedate place over a TimeOut-certified hotspot. If you know New York City sushi, my favorite sushi-joints are Sushi-zen and Sushi Yasuda, and I dislike the Sushi of Gari and other de facto omakse-only places.

So does anyone have any suggestions? I know that there are many threads regarding Chicago sushi, but I'm looking for a very specific style of place, and I'm hoping someone reads this, gets the jist of what I'm looking for, and can throw me a recommendation.

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  1. Given your parameters, I'd suggest Ginza Fish for a "low-key" but excellent sushi place, very Japanese in feeling, or Naniwa for a little more Americanized, but still excellent sushi type of place.

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    1. re: YoYoPedro

      a huge +1 for Ginza. it's the closest thing to "NY" style sushi shacks.

    2. I would also recommend Kamehachi - they have locations around Chicago - the one at 240 east ontario is the one closest to where you are staying

      1. I second the Kamehachi recommendation...The original one is in Old Town, not too far from the Mag Mile. If you want to head a bit farther north, I also recommend Sai Cafe at Sheffield and Armitage in the Lincoln Park/DePaul neighborhood.

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        1. re: RMA

          I ate at the location on Ontario just last Friday. Very Good.

        2. I agree with Kamehachi. Oysy is also always very good. The original is on South Michigan Avenue (around 900 South), and there's a new one closer to you -- I think it's on Grand but you can look it up.

          1. Another good option is Naniwa on Wells and Ohio. Very low-key, but the sushi is wonderful.

            Sushi Wabi on West Randolph is a short cab ride away. It is more of a scene, but the food is excellent.

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            1. re: SuzMiCo

              Naniwa also delivers in the area. Sometimes it is nice to have great sushi without leaving the room (or home).

              For quality sushi within walking distance of Michigan Ave. I would go for Kamahachi.

              If you don't mind taking a cab, then Japonais is outstanding. If you are not familiar with the area, make sure to take a cab and not wander around outside there. The block that Japonais is on is nice, but parts of Cabrini Green are within a block or two. That has never prevented me from going there though. Japonais is definitely a scene, but the food is worth it.