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anything but turkey. . .

is someone serving a meat other than turkey? can i live vicarioiusly through you? i'd love to devour a nice fatty goose or duck this thursday.

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  1. Since my SO and I both don't care for turkey, we are having ham.....

    1. It's just me and my mom so I'm making duck breast with port sauce and a dried cranberry compote. A turkey between the both of us would be like a life sentence of turkey soups/sandwiches/casseroles.

        1. My family doesn't need much of an excuse to sacrifice a lamb. Any holiday or family gathering will do. Turkey will be on the table too.

          1. We are having goose this year. Both of us are dark meat fans and we dont have any guests so......

            I hate turkey. It is vile

            1. Cassoulet with duck confit and pork. No turkey allowed in our household.

              1. Chinese Hot Pot with all the trimmings.

                1. i am jealous of all of you!

                  my future mom-in-law is making an organic, heirloom turkey. less fat, more dry. i will be picking up a smoked duck from the union square greenmarket to chew on.

                  happy eating to all of you!

                  1. envious of the cassoulet. . .

                      1. We used to do lobsters or roast beef when it was just cooking for the 2 of us. If we are having guests we do the trad. turkey dinner.

                        1. Duck two ways - legs slow roasted with hoisin/Grand Marnier glaze and breasts simply pan seared, likely with some sort of light sour cherry sauce. I agree with those who don't even like to let turkey in the house, much less serve it to friends.

                          1. Standing rib roast, dry-aged via Alton Brown's method.

                            1. Lobster isn't a meat per se but that's what I'm having. DH will have turkey and the other two - who knows! I know I'm having lobster because I called the restaurant (regulars) and asked them to get me one.

                              1. HATE turkey... So instead we are having California Spiny Lobster, to honor his NE roots (Lobster) and my Ca roots (It being a Ca. Breed). We're planning to grill the sucker and have him with lots of yummy thanksgivingish sides. :)


                                1. Pancetta wrapped poin loin