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Nov 21, 2006 01:51 AM

Grapefruit Pie report

I've tried the grapefruit pie brought to our attention a few days ago by piccola, Dining Diva, and some others. I made *just* the filling, to see if it would be worthy of a crust & topping. Basically a curd, like lemon curd, but the most extraordinary shade of pink--just gorgeous! (I used ruby red grapefruit, lots of color) It contains both juice and zest, and has that unmistakable zing you experience when chewing citrus rind! If in a good flaky crust, and topped with plump sections of ruby grapefruit & whipped cream, I think this would be considered above average, somethin' special. Be sure your grapefruit is very good. Just thought I'd let the interested parties know this pie is worth pursuing.

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  1. BangorDin, thanks so much for doing the research on this. I started out to make a grapefruit pie as well this past weekend but got way sidetracked when a friend gave me Dorrie Greenspans new baking book and we baked from it instead. Maybe next weekend after T-day I'll do the pie.

    1. Thanks for this, love pink grapefruit.

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        cant seem to find the OP..would love to make this. would you mine reposting the recipe or link to it? thanks!

        1. re: chez cherie

          Here is a link to the recipe I used

          Another I found later looks nice too, it's called Grapefruit Curd Meringue Pie, at Have not tried this one yet.

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            thanks so much! will try this weekend!

      2. My husband has been begging me to make Grapefruit Bars (similar to lemon bars)--I'll bet he'll love Grapefruit Pie!!

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          Grapefruit bars--always in the back of my mind--I love 'em!