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Nov 21, 2006 01:51 AM

What kind of restaurant would you like to see in the Central Embarcadero area?

I was walking along the Embarcadero the other day looking for a place to eat. I've eaten at the Ferry Building and surrounding area for years. I started to think about what was missing in food choices. I can't think of a good sushi , or Italian, or Thai, or pizza, or.... you get the idea. What do Chowhounds think this area is in need of.

Also, if you know of any places on the Embarcadero that serve any of the above cuisines, let me know.

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  1. Hounds,

    Speculation about what an area might need or get in the future is a little too far afield from Chowhound's mission - finding great chow.

    If you've got any great suggestions on where TheRobin can find sushi, Italian, Thai or other cuisines in the Embarcadero, chime in with those. Please focus on what great chow is actually available, though.

    1. i heard there was a new osha thai in the embarcadero.'s good if it's related to the one on valencia

      1. Osha IS good - had lunch there a couple weeks ago. It's where that budget gourmet restaurant used to be on Justin Herman Plaza, on the corner, by the back of the Hyatt. Pricier than the Thai food at Crepe & Curry (in Emb. 4, in restaurant row across from Crown Books). C&C is now running a frequent buyer program, BTW.

        There is an Italian restaurant, Gambino's, in Emb. 1, by the post office. The subs are popular,and they get a decent line forming.

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          Gambino's New York Subs is not what I'd call an Italian restaurant--just submarine sandwiches and salads, and like so many places in the area it's not open for dinner.

          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            I know - as I typed that I considered it not quite the right word. They do have tables but it's definitely not what I think of as a real restaurant!

        2. Some restaurants in the FiDi area:

          Orale Orale (Mexican)
          Perbacco (Italian)
          Sai's (Vietnamese)
          Schroeder's (German)

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            What's the scoop on Schroeder's? I have a holiday party to go to there.