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Nov 21, 2006 01:07 AM

Food gifts in Baltimore

We are traveling to Tokyo over Christmas and would like to bring small gifts for those who will be showing us around town. We were thinking some fun, fancy chocolates -- the kind that might cost a fortune in Japan. Or any other suggestions? The best things would be unavailable in Japan, not liquid or gel (we're only bringing carry-ons), and would keep well for a few days to a week.

Any ideas where we might buy some great food gifts in Baltimore, as we don't feel like ordering online?

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  1. In all seriousness, you are much better off making the trip down to D.C. Baltimore doesn't have much in the way of gourmet food stores.


    1. What would you recommend bringing from DC?

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        If you were thinking chocolates, Dean and Deluca carries a good selection. Another idea is a panettone. I buy one every year from Williams Sonoma and they are as good as I have had in Italy. That is probably something that isn't readily found in Japan as well. Since you don't want to pick liquids because of the TSA restrictions regional beers are out, and things that Maryland is famous for, crabcakes, are out due to it being perishable. I will reverse myself in not being able to find good gourmet items in Baltimore though, perhaps you might wish to bring them some cookies or pastries from Vaccaro's in Littly Italy. They have some great things there that would make nice gifts.

      2. Kirchmayr's chocolates are made in store, delicious, and fit the bill in every way. It's in Timonium, just south of Padonia on Deereco (one block east of I-83).

        Kirchmayr is a true gem. Far better than Godivas or other mass produced chocolates.

        1. Rheb's Candy on Wilkens Ave near St. Agnes Hospital has wonderful chocolates. It's a real old school sweet shop with delicous traditional candies. The store itself isn't quite on Wilkens Ave, it's just off the main street a little bit so it can be hard to see at first.

          1. If you need chocolate, bring some Berger Cookies. You can get them at the H&S Bakery outlet.

            But I would also stash some Old Bay cans. So many people have never had it or love it but can't find it where they live.