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Need rec for delivery for shut-in & his son in oakland

Wonderful guy who is quite ill, and his teen-aged son, need to have some really good food delivered in Oakland. Any suggestions? Several of us are going to take turns sending him dinners. Thanks!

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  1. If you tell us the area, we might know some places. Delivery is limited to regions of the city. Does the teenager drive? Lots of take out places.

    Try Meals on Wheels. I think they only work with seniors. But they might refer you to another support group.

    1. Thanks, Janet... The area is Sunnyhills Rd in Oakland. I was told to try Pastino's, but I can't get an answer on that telephone and I'm wondering if it's still around. Unfortunately, teenager is only 13 and doesn't drive. I live in San Fran and am trying to do this across the Bay. Thanks for everyone's help. Cyd

      1. If I am reading my mapquest correctly, that location is not far from Champa Gardens, which I consider to be one of the better restaurants in Oakland. Here is a recent report:


        I don't know if they deliver, but worth a call.

        Binh Minh Quan may deliver, which would also be a great option.

        Shan Dong in Oakland's Chinatown delivers:


        Good luck!

        1. Maybe you could get a personal chef to make meals and leave them in the home. I'm not familiar with any, but it would be of great help for the sick dad to have a couple of meals ready to go in the fridge or freezer.

          1. There is a company called Jessie et Laurent that does some excellent meals. I'm not sure if they deliver to Oakland however.

            1. How about Home on the Range? Google has an address and phone number, but they don't seem to have a website, which makes me wonder if they're still in business.

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                As of ~ 1 month ago they were open, as we got food from them for an office meeting. It was pretty good, and if I recall, not all that expensive. I don't think they've ever had a website.

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                  Thanks for the confirmation. It just seems odd to me that a business like that doesn't have a website. At any rate, they're a good option for an ongoing situation, as they do different meals every day.

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                    Here's the website.

                    Also, this was a query about SF delivery, but maybe some of the links in ths topic deliver to the bay area in general

                    Here are those restaurant delivery sites. They aren't very comprehensive and lean toward pizza, but maybe there's something there.


                2. I have no idea how good or bad this place is, but they deliver meals (tho on the pricy side) all over the bay area.

                  1. try Project Open Hand @596-8200, they deliver meals to homebound/critically ill

                    1. Here's an East Bay restaurant delivery

                      There's also this link I'm not finding where you enter your zipcode and it returns a list of restaurants that deliver in your area. Anyone know that one?

                      I'm not sure what you are going for here ... just some pleasant meals to cheer them up or real assistance because they are having problems getting food in the house.

                      Personal chef sounds so intimidating, but you can put an ad on Craig's list and just get someone in to cook and shop for them. Depending on personal financial circumstances, if on disability they might qualify for this type of help by talking to a social worker. A friend had a disability where she had a woman come in a few days a week to do the cooking.

                      Don't know how responsible the 13 year old is, but markets like Albertson's and Safeway will home deliver groceries and there are always CSA's. So if the kid can cook, but not drive, then that might be an option to consider.

                      If you need any additional specifics about social service type of deals, feel free to email me and I'll pass along what I know which might be outside the scope of this board.

                      1. Thanks everyone, these are great suggestions and much appreciated. Cyd