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Nov 20, 2006 11:42 PM

fresh mozzerella in astoria

any recomendations for good fresh mozzarella (smoked or not) in astoria or nearby?


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  1. 30th Ave around 45th Street -can't think of the name
    -Dave & Tony Deli - 36th Street & 30th Avenue
    -D&F Italian Deli -37th & Broadway

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    1. re: cng

      Sorriso's on 30th Ave. btw 44 and 45st. I think they are the best.

      1. re: King of Northern Blvd

        Sorriso is awesome, not just for fresh Mozz. They also have tons of imported Italian (and Spanish) cheese, homemade soppresata and a ton of prepared food. Highly recommended.

      2. re: cng

        I have only tried Dave & Tony of those. I like the deli in general but I find the mozzarella very bland. Sprinkling a bit of salt on helps a lot but I don't think it is in the upper echelon of mozzarella. Now I have to try the others.

      3. There's some fantastic home made mozzarella on Ditmars a couple blocks east of 31st, south side of the street...can't remember what it's called, sorry!

        1. Rosario's - on 31st b/w ditmars & 23rd Ave

          1. this is why i LOVE this site.

            thanks people.