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Nov 20, 2006 10:49 PM

Cheap Eats in Orlando area?

A group (6 couples)of cold and damp Seattle-area golfers will be heading down to the Kissimmee/Orlando area at the end of February for some warmth and golf. Would really appreciate some suggestions for casual and inexpensive eats.....we're open to most any kind of food. Suggestions for a splurge or two would also be appreciated. If any of you are about suggestions for courses under $100.

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  1. Where are you staying, will you have a car and are you willing to drive?

    Don't think we can help you with golf (the mods will delete) but I'm sure we can help you dig up some nice spots for your 19th hole. ;-)

    1. We're renting a house in Windsor Hills, approx. 1/2 hr drive SW of the airport near the intersection of Hwy's 4 and 192. We'll have cars and are willing to drive. Am assuming we mostly won't be dining "en mass" no need to limit options based on our total number of 12.

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        Please read the thread on the post listed below titled, "Good Thai in LBV/Kissimmee area?" Among the posts is a quite lengthy one from me about restaurants in Osceola County, the area where you will be staying.

        There are similar questions -- and answers -- already on this board which can be located using the "Search" function and querying about "Kissimmee" or "Disney area" restaurants.

        I suspect these will more than answer your questions.

        If not, please come back with some specifics that have not already been recently covered in detail.


      2. Bob, Can you please tell me how to get the the "thread posted below titled "Good Thai in LBV/Kissimmee area. I don't see anything posted below. I'm lost.

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          Try cutting and pasting this URL into your browser:

          >> <<

          If that doesn't work for you I will cut and paste my post again.


          1. Bob,
            A belated "thanks" for your suggestions. Your picks look interesting, and I'll follow-up with a search.