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Nov 20, 2006 10:19 PM

New to Woodside--need some recos!

I moved to Woodside recently and love it--have had Sripraphai, La Flor, Donovan's, and La Hacienda. The obvious ones, I guess. Done some searching of posts and cobbled together an idea of where to hit, but would love recommendations from everyone, I am already turning into a fierce 7 train partisan and the more I know, the better I can argue my point....Thanks in advance, I am a fish-eating vegetarian (what do they call that, a pescetarian?) but have plenty of carnivorous friends to impress, so any recommendations are welcome. Including exactly WHAT to order at the places mentioned above...

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  1. My very, very recent ex-boyfriend of two years, even though I asked a hundred times and he lives about two and a half blocks from it failed to ever take me to Sapori D'Ischia. Detect the bitterness? Anyway...he had been a number of times with his family (fifth generation Woodside-er) and loved it and everyone here seems to only have good things to's why I have been wanting to go. If you do..let me know! I willlive vicariously. ;)

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    1. re: Justpaula

      i suggest you take yourself out to dinner there -- no ex boyfriend should keep you away. i've only been twice, but had wonderful meals.

      you should call them to confirm they still do this, but they offer a special pre-fixe menu on Wednesday which is 3-course, anything from their regular menu (i.e., not incl. daily specials which are usually excellent and tempting) for $25. many of their regular entrees are priced at or higher than this, so it's an excellent deal.

      and certainly one that a newly single one can afford.

      1. re: charlie_b

        Great suggestion - they still do the pre-fixe. Better yet, go with a group of friends and taste most of the menu.
        Or you can go there during lunch, pick up some great Italian imports and have a lunch from their lunch menu. If it's nice you can have it wrapped and consume on the bench they set outside.

    2. Right under your nose (actually on 61st Street at the foot of the "7" train station) there's "Peppino's Pizza" and THE BEST "Grandma" slice...a heavy square loaded with onions and rich tomatoes.

      Have a corner/side slice and further experience the pan-burnished olive oil crust flavor - classic!

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      1. re: Mike R.

        I ordered a whole large Grandma pie last night, ate as much as I could, and am saving the rest in my freezer--beats Tombstone, any evening...

      2. I put together this map for a couple we did an apartment swap with.

        It's not exhaustive and I've come apon some new favorites since, but it has a nice cross-section of Queens.

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        1. re: Dave_G

          thanks for sharing your wonderful map!

          1. re: catherine

            Yes, the map is fantastic--I am working on getting it on my iPod...

        2. Hey, thanks, guys--I will report back. I think I had a slice at Peppino's after I signed my lease, but it wasn't the Grandma, which I will look forward to....

          1. Make sure to search also for "Jackson Heights, Elmhurst, Sunnyside" - a lot of good places are within walking distance from Woodside. Maspeth and some areas of Astoria are also either walkable or a short bus ride away. Not too obvious, but since you said you're vegetarian, make sure to check out the korean supermarket next to Chase bank. Best freshly home made tofu and they also have tons of prepared foods - all kinds of fish and vegetarian dishes among them. They just recently installed a microwave in the store in case you can't wait to get home.

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            1. re: welle

              I went into that place, I was so impressed by the fresh tofu and all the kimchi. I haven't unpacked my dishes yet so the microwave will be useful. Han Au Reum, something like that, correct?

              1. re: jbrtwo

                Han Ah Reum, i think. and i looove their store-brand kimchi - it's always crisp and fresh. i'm also addicted to their raddish kimchi and my SO is fond of their jalapenos in soy sauce. One of the coolest things of that store is one of the Mexican helpers speaks fluent Korean - Only in NY, kids!

                1. re: welle

                  Jalapenos in soy sauce sounds fantastic. I am going to have to stock up upon my return from Thanksgiving vacation...

                  1. re: welle

                    i believe it's han yang supermarket.

                    1. re: Linda

                      Han Yang is the Korean supermarket down at Roosevelt & Queens Blvd., isn't it? Han Ah Reum is the smallish one on Woodside just off of Roosevelt -- same chain as the one in Koreatown in Manhattan..

                      1. re: Linda

                        Han Yang's kimchi not as nearly as good as Han Ah Reum's and they don't make fresh tofu.

                        1. re: welle

                          And Han Ah Reum has the nice fresh tofu.