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Nov 20, 2006 10:13 PM

Crown Roast of Pork - worth the price?

This is about the only expensive cut of meat I haven't cooked or, amazingly, eaten. My husband and I are having a nice dinner for another couple who recently married and we want to do something celebratory. I was thinking a crown roast of pork instead of the standard beef tenderloin. Is it worth it?

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  1. The "crown" part is simply decorative. There are no functional parts to it being in a pretty little circle. In fact, I'd say it's harder to get a nice caramelization on it. So is it worth it? Maybe, but in the end it's just pork. I'd say find a nice Berkshire pork supplier and buy a regular pork loin, without all the fuss. That's just me, though ;-)

    1. I think you can actually stuff the crown roast and the presentation is really elegant. I don't know, I'm kind of a sucker for the little white paper tips-- so cute! The crown roast is definitely celebratory. My mom makes a really good one. But it is just pork and I'm sure there are other cuts as tasty-- you are really going for the visual appeal here.

      1. This thread caught my eye because my sister just mentioned that she wanted to do a crown pork roast for Christmas and I was in the supermarket earlier today and saw one in the meat case, so I peeked at the price. It was $30. While $30 is a lot to spend, you also need to consider that it will feed 12 people. Depending on your stuffing ingredients, you could be talking about something under $5 per serving. If you are having a small dinner party, this might be overkill, but I think it would be a special meal if presented to me.

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          I actually hadn't checked prices yet - I just knew it was higher than most pork cuts. But that's immensely reasonable. I was just browsing online prices and was seeing some for over $150! Uh... no thanks. I'll check it out at the grocery tomorrow - if I can even get one. They're good friends and we'd like to do something special for them, so that's why I was thinking I'd like to try this. Plus, I've never cooked one before, so I wanted to try one. They own a wine shop, so it might be a fun meal for Eric to match wines for. I realize it's small and it's probably overkill, but we will eat the leftovers, and it would be fun, I think.

          1. re: Andiereid

            I want to stress that this crown roast had NO stuffing -- it was just the pork loins frenched and tied in a crown. But, it truly was only $30 for the whole thing (it was at a Safeway). I would rather make my own stuffing anyway.

        2. i can't believe that there is a crown roast of pork selling for $30--$30 a pound, maybe....while a crown roast is a special occasion presentation (with the center filled with stuffing,as discussed above) you will have a LOT of leftovers, if it's just two couples dining. not sure it's worth it for so few. if you "do" lamb, a similar, but less pricey alternative is a couple racks of lamb, nicely crusted with a bread-crumb-herb mixture, and presented with the frenched ribs interlaced (like the swords crossed over the bride and groom at a military officer's wedding....i have NO IDEA if that little image made it any clearer to anybody but me....sorry!) that will be just about the right amunt of meat for four, and can look quite festive.

          1. I made a crown roast for a big dinner a while back and the guests still talk about it. It was definitely worth it. I got it from the butcher who supplies all our meat and also raises most of it. I think they charged around $5 per pound and for 12 - 14 people we got around 10 - 12 pounds. I brined it, then roasted it to my standard 140 F. My MIL still raves about how tasty and moist it was.

            I think it was well worth it, both the cost in dollars and time. It made a beautiful presentation. I filled the center with a fruit-based stuffing which made a nice side for the flavorful pork.