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Nov 20, 2006 09:38 PM

Crabcakes in Baltimore; Peter's

Several years ago I was in Baltimore and had some amazing crabcakes at a stand-up counter at the back of some market, not far from the Inner Harbor (pretty sure I walked from my hotel). I will be back in Baltimore for a late Friday lunch on 12/1 (could be as late as 2:30pm). Can anyone tell me where that place is and if it is open for lunch that late? Thanks!!

Also, we're planning to go for dinner at Peter's that night. Any idea how difficult it will be to get a table for 2 at 8:30 or so?

One last request: any recommendations for breakfast near the Inner Harbor or Mt. Vernon (certainly need not be elegant -- a good greasy spoon would work). Many thanks!

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  1. The crabcakes had to have been at FAIDLEY'S in Lexington Market..still there still going strong. Oysters are usually pretty good also!!!!

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    1. re: Hue

      Faidley's crabcakes are legendary. Best in the city, IMO.

    2. Faidley's has good oysters, but there is another place on the smaller part of the Market on the west side of Paca street whose shucked oysters are just as good and cost about fifty percent less.

      1. The Cross Street Market in Federal Hill has a great raw bar and crab cakes and is right next to the Inner Harbor!

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        1. re: hon

          "*back* of some market" suggests to me that it probably was Cross Street Market.

        2. Another vote for Cross Street Market for a great raw bar / crabcakes.

          Also, a great, casual place for breakfast in Mt. Vernon would be the City Cafe on Cathedral Street.

          1. My guess is that the crab cake you are refering to is Faidley's in the Lexington Market.

            Cross Street Market does have a great raw bar (and terrific fried catfish and steamed shrimp) but I think their crab cakes are only average.

            I would recommend Cross Street Market for breakfast though. Steve's Lunch on the Light Street side makes a terrific breakfast sandwhich. My current favorite: bologna egg and cheese. If you want it really South Bawlmer style, get it with jelly. After you polish that off, walk down the market about half way and get an espresso and a pastry from Pediegrotta Bakery.

            Both markets are about a ten minute walk from most hotels in the inner harbor.