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Nov 20, 2006 09:30 PM

spice rubs for fried turkey?

apologies if this has been discussed - i haven't been able to find much on the boards on this particular point. any favorite spice rubs for fried turkey? i think i am going with a rub rather than injecting (also, no brining, as i don't have the space).

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  1. Try something simple like Tony Cachere Cajun spices.
    I would highly recommend injecting your bird, I like a cajun butter type but garlic butter ones are good too. I have found that brining a deep fried bird unnecessary as the point of brining is to hydrate the bird to avoid drying it out, and you can't dry out a df turkey. You can BURN one, but if you stay with 3.5 minutes per lb. it will be juicy.

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    1. re: Tee

      what would you suggest for a cajun butter injection concoction?

      1. re: adam

        Hate to admit it but I buy the premade injections. As I live in the South, even the grocery carries injections as does Wal-Mart, near their turkey fryers. I have never contimplated creating my own.
        Where are you located?

      2. re: Tee

        My brother inlaw always deep fried turkeys, I would think those bubbles coming up out of the deep fat are water vapor being super heated/boiled out of the bird, so I think starting with a cheap frozen "broth basted " bird is a good approach, and would accomplish much the same as brining. I didn't think the rubs penetrated the meat that much but the skin was good, an oil based injection would be better I think. I see all the supplies at the home improvement stores like Menards, just never did it myself. BTW, I like turkey and thought the deep fried ones are fine, but not necessarily moister than roasting, probably a little drier after 45' in the fat.