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Nov 20, 2006 09:17 PM

Bison Meat

I had a bison burger a few weeks ago, and then got some ground bison at the Harlem Fairway, and made some excellent burgers. The only other time I had bison it had been cooked like normal steak and was far too tough, but I think it had been incorrectly prepared.

Because I love red meat, prefer the taste of bison (at least ground) to beef, and because bison is healthier, I would like to know if there are
A) Any places you know of with a good selection and price to buy fresh bison.
B) Any places that serve bison steaks.
C) Any particular method of bison preparation you find especially delicious.

Thanks for your help, I've loved this website for awhile and just joined.

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  1. There is a farmer at Union Square greenmarket on Saturdays who raises bison and sells all kinds of cuts.

    I remember being told by the staff that - counter-intuitively - bison steaks should not be quickly seared and served rare, but should be cooked slowly and gently to preserve the tenderness.

    1. the whole foods at columbus circle frequently has bison at the butcher area.