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Nov 20, 2006 09:14 PM

Birthday dinner tonight! 7 Ladies. Willing to drive for good food.

Hey Chowhounds!

Looking for a good place to eat with the girls TONIGHT to celebrate a 25th birthday! Will be meeting up from all over (Westside, Hollywood, Downtown, Koreatown, SGV) so location isn't of utmost importance.

Aiming for $20-ish entrees, with a final bill (including drinks) of around $40 pp. Good desserts and cocktails would be nice as well.

Were originally planning on Hungry Cat, but they only accomodate parties of up to six. Some suggestions have been Opus, Cobras and Matadors, BLD...

We just want to have fun while eating something really yummy. Not in the mood for Asian, though. Thanks!

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  1. Mi Piache in Old Town Pasadena. Off of Colorado Blvd.

    1. How about ROY'S in downtown LA?

      1. ROY'S is a great idea for Downtown.
        OPUS if Wilshire and Western isn't too far.

        1. You'll have fun at Luna Park. Great desserts and young atmosphere.

          I also recommend Roy's, which does a fabulous job for special occasions. However, it might be a bit late for reservations for such a big group - although it is a Monday, so there might be less people. There are two locations - downtown and Woodland Hills.