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Charming, smallish restaurant on Smith Street

I'll be in Carroll Gardens this week and would like to eat somewhere on Smith Street--hopefully a neighborhood spot with a thoughtful menu and a hospitable staff. I've heard all about The Grocery (how is it lately, by the way? I've heard it's a lot more expensive than it used to be) but don't know much about my other options.

Please advise.

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  1. If you can get in I would try Saul. Also Chestnut is a nice midsized place. Crave is also an option. There are some new places, so If you're walking on Smith, you will find some great restaurants. Crave is on Henry street, but it's a nice walk from Smith street. Frankie's on Court is a sure thing also. Have a great Thanksgiving!

    1. Not a big fan of Grocery. I concur with SharonM on both Chestnut and Saul. I would add Lunetta to that list.

      1. Chestnut.
        Tuesday or Wedsnesday.
        $25 pre fixe.
        Best in Brooklyn for the money.

        1. Also, Grocery is unlikely to have open tables. Possibly early in the week. Otherwise, its 4-6 weeks out.

          1. Grocery is good (maybe very good). The first time I went I was disappointed as it did not live up to unrealistic expectations. However, a subsequent visit was very enjoyable. Additionally, the menu is very limited and you need to make sure there is "something for you" on it.

            1. I second Chestnut and Saul. They'll both make you very, very happy in their own way.

                1. re: Matt M.

                  I've never thought of Savoia as being anything particuarly special personally. Their pizza is quite tasty, but I wouldnt think of it as a place having particularly thoughtful or creative menu? It's also usually quite loud and the service not particularly good.

                  1. re: Nehna

                    I have to disagree. I've emjoyed several pasta and meat dishes there. It is Sicilian in nature, which is simple yet tasty in general.

                2. Yeah, you basically want Chestnut, which has very good food and warm, friendly service. But if you're looking for something a little different, I happen to love Zaytoons, a Middle Eastern spot that has some fantastic dishes (try the kefta kebab). It's very inexpensive and the service is nice. It's more casual than Chestnut.

                  1. I second Zaytoons!!! Great food on the cheap. You might also try Patois.

                    1. We had an enjoyable dinner at Chestnut. Thanks for the recommendations! I'd also like to try Saul in the future.