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Nov 20, 2006 08:48 PM

Pecan Tassies and no corn syrup Pecan Pie

I have not made them in ages but made some today. I remembered what I did not like about making them and that was fiddling with that cream cheese pastry. The flavor is divine but the dough kept getting too warm and having to be put back in the refrigerator again. Any one have a less sticky dough that is easier to handle?

Oh the filling is just like an old pecan pie recipe I used to make and had lost. It contains no corn syrup at all, it was a filling made by blending together 3 eggs, 1 lb. light brown sugar, a pinch of salt, & 1 Tsp. vanilla. 1 Tbs. Bourbon is better BTW. and 1 stick melted unsalted butter. Stitr that all together and pour over 1 C. coarsely chopped toasted pecans in un unbaked pie crust shell. Bake at 350 40 mins then reduce to 225 and bake 15 more mins. until pie is set.

The tassies were pretty much the same recipe but in smaller proportions and I did use the bourbon in the tassies. But despite the fiddliness I am glad I made them because it got me looking for the old pie recipe. Try the pie. I think many of you will find it better than the corn syrup pecan pies.

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  1. oh yes ,thank you .i really dislike corn syrup based pies. what is the consistency and texture like of your filling, as opposed to a corn syrup based filling? thank you.

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      It is a nice firm enough to slice pie. I think it is really necessary to use brown sugar made from cane and not the cheap beet stuff. I remember being disappointed one time many years ago when the filling was too gluey. Also stir the filling together but don't beat it, it will make it too foamy.

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        I've put John Thorne's recipe from "Outlaw Cook" into my desktop recipe file - it uses brown sugar and Golden Syrup. He says something about maple syrup being not really satisfactory - I guess if you live in Maine you can actually get tired of maple syrup! - but I've used that and like the results.

    2. Help! my daughter made a pecan tassie recipe that did not have cream cheese in the dough, and wants to make them this christmas, but she can't find the recipe. anyone have a good recipe? the one she made used bourbon in the filling.

      1. USe the filling I posted above. Any slightly sweet tart dough will work. I have also found that tassie making will go a lot faster if you roll the dough out and use a round cutter to cut it out and fit the rounds in the the mini-muffin cups. The recipe I had used wanted you to roll balls of the dough the then pat them into shape. That took far too long

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