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Nov 20, 2006 08:44 PM

Identify this cheese!

I was picking at some leftovers from a very expensive caterer's spread today and there was this fabulous cheese that I'd never tried before, sandwiched with prosciutto slices in little white baguettes.

Help me identify this cheese! It was a clean white colour; rindless; had a similar texture to mozzarella but was definitely less dense; and had the unmistakable tang of a goat's cheese.

Name that cheese.

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  1. Hmm, there is a goat cheddar cheese. Can you call the caterer and ask?

    1. There are goat mozzarella cheeses out there or could be a blend (cow-goat).

      1. This summer, we made several trips to Marin county, California. I did have several softer, Brie type cheeses made from goat's milk, and boy was it good. I am under the impression that goat milk can also be made into a firmer, slicing and melting cheese. I am trying to remember, but am not sure if we had one of those firmer cheeses, and I surly do not know their names.

        However, there are several places that specialize in goat cheese: Cowgirl Creamery, Rouge et Noir, and Laura Chenel. Contact these places first. If you still cannot figure it out, give a call to The Cheese Board in Berkeley; the staff there are the most knowledgeable when it comes to cheese.

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          Just a note: Rouge et Noir does not specialize in goat cheese. I don't think they even make a goat cheese.

          1. re: Ruth Lafler

            Marin French Cheese (Rouge et Noir) does not make goat cheese. They make three cow's-milk cheeses: schloss, "breakfast cheese," and one packaged as both "Brie" and "Camembert." The latter is also sold in several flavored (pesto, jalapeno, etc.) variations.

          2. re: jerry i h

            Point Reyes makes great goat cheese....or is it blue cheese..or both?

            1. It could be provolone (the Italian kind, not the stuff you get at sub shops). It is sort of mozzarella-ish in texture and the taste is a little bit like a goat cheese even though it isn't one.