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Nov 20, 2006 08:09 PM

Bay Scallops?

anyone know where to find Bay Scallops right now? Lobster Place is usually my go to, but they do not have any. Whole Foods is out too. I want fresh bay scallops, not the tasteless farmed stuff. any help is appreciated.

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  1. Farmer's market at grand army plaza in brooklyn, (maybe the other ones in manhattan too) has a fish stand. They've had bay scallops the last 2 weekends.

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    1. re: lanamonster

      Thanks...i have heard great things about this farmer's market but I have never made it there. Do you know what forms of mass transit will get me there?

      1. re: Yaxpac

        Try this:
        Include "Grand Army Plaza" as your 'Destination address'. Change Manhattan to Brooklyn, and make any other necessary selections.

        1. re: Yaxpac

          The 2 and 3 stop at grand army plaza, at the opposite end of the big traffic circle. You then have to walk half-way around the circle til you get to the entrance to Prospect Park. However, the 2 and 3 have been doing funny stuff on the weekends, and the market is only open on Saturdays, so ask before you get on the train. You can also take the Q or B to 7th ave, but it's a bit of a walk from there. I'm pretty sure that the fisherman also has a stand at the Farmer's market in Tribeca on Sat., so that might be more convenient.

          1. re: lanamonster

            great, thank you for this info Cheese Boy and lanamonster.

      2. Dean and Deluca will sell bays in the shell occasionally. I like those the best because you get the roe and everything else. Nothing to clean like sea scallops. Put 'em in a pan with some olive oil and salt and you're in business.

        1. i assume you are taking about seasonal Nantucket Bay Scallops. yum. i only saw them at WFM once, about 3 years ago.

          Dean & Deluca is a good bet. i'm sure that Citerella will have them. Wild Edibles is also sure to have them. i was on Court Street the other day (south of Atlantic) and passed by a fish shop that said they had them.

          1. I asked Wild Edibles about the NBS. The owner told me that they weren't popular and that I'd have to order 10lbs min. If that policy has changed please let me know. I'd rather go to them than schlep to D&D.

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            1. re: bigmackdaddy

              I was actually looking for Peconic Bay Scallops. I was fortunate enough to find them at Lobster Place yesterday. They did not have too many, but they were fantastic as always.

              1. re: Yaxpac

                Now that the season is upon us, I actually take a nice 1.5 hour drive out to Hampton Bays, Long Island where I buy my Peconic Bay Scallops (at around $22/lb) fresh from local baymen. They are delicious! You can even eat them raw and enjoy their unique sweetness without the trouble of cooking. There's this great little seafood shop, Cor J's Seafood right near the Ponquogue Bridge that has the best selection of local fish and shellfish and that nice small town local vibe that you just can't get in NYC. It's worth the trip!

                1. re: skeetereats

                  haha...I am actually from out there on Long Island. My friends used to work at Cor J's too. That place is the most amazing fish market and unmatched IMHO. I have seen their trucks in the city. The thing is...I was out there over Thanksgiving weekend and Cor J's was out. My fried is a local bayman and he said they are very scarce out there this year, even moreso than normal.

                  it is worth the trip, you are totally correct...

                  1. re: Yaxpac

                    Hey Yaxpac!

                    That is pretty funny. I heard that too about the lack of supply for this year. Maybe they just haven't found the "sweet spots" in the water yet... I did a mini-doc on the harvesting of local bay scallops for the local tv station last year and the crop was quite healthy then it seemed.

                    Do you ever go to Stuart's Seafood market in Amagansett? They have different baymen that work for them. Maybe they had more luck harvesting out in the East Hampton Town waters.

                    The Lobster Place as you mentioned is where I shop for my seafood. I know they get new stuff everyday. I'm sure as long as you keep checking in with them you'll be able to eat to your hearts content.

                    And since you love seafood, I saw last week that they had Pumpkin Swordfish in. It's got a orange/pink flesh like salmon since they feast on krill. Not sure how long the season will last. Anyhow, if you can get your hands on that, you'll thank me!

                    1. re: skeetereats

                      no, I have never been to Stuart's...thanks for the tip.
                      That is really cool about your mini-doc. I wonder if I know any of the people that are in it.

                      Also, thanks sooo much for the swordfish tip. That is a big score. The last time I had that it was from Cor J's haha.

                      Braun is also a good seafood supplier out there. It is further west in Shirley. They have great lobsters.

            2. Just got's Friday afternoon...The Lobster Place is carrying Peconic Bay Scallops today! Just got a new shipment this morning from Long Island! Knowing the demand, they won't last long.

              Yaxpac - have a ball!

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              1. re: skeetereats

                skeetereats...thanks again. I will be heading there right after work. I appreciate the heads up.