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Nov 20, 2006 07:57 PM

How's the bread at The Nugget (Davis)?

Does anyone know how the baguettes are at The Nugget?

A friend's driving down to LA from Davis, and I originally wanted to ask her to bring some ACME baguettes. But The Nugget appears to have its own bakery rather than buying from local bakeries.

How are their baguettes, and is it worth it to ask her to bring one down? I'm only really interested if it's as good as ACME's.


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  1. I live in Davis, and I highly recommend Nugget's bread. I can't vouch for their baguettes (TMJ keeps me from eating bread that's too crusty), but their sourdough is awesome.

    Make sure your friend stops at the store on Covell and Pole Line -- where they house their bakery -- and not the smaller location on Mace (which is adjacent to I-80).

    1. I grew up eating Acme Bread in Berkeley and now live in Davis. I'd say that the bread at the Nugget is ok, but nowhere near as good as acme bread. You can probably find better quality bread tna the nugget makes in your area.