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Nov 20, 2006 07:32 PM

Thanksgiving Dinner Restaurants in Central New Jersey?

Hi there

My first post!

Does anyone know of a great place to have Thanksgiving buffet? Last year we went to the Westin in Princeton which was nice, but some of the dishes werent upto par. We did however get a good seating time though.

Any other hotels or restaurants out there do a great Thanksgiving dinner? We really love buffets as it makes everyone in our group happy.I want to book ahead to get the best seating time for us. I prefer something more upscale at least on this one day we like to go a bit fancier...thanks in advance!

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  1. The Short Hills Hilton Hotel has two restaurants: The Dining Room, which is upscale, and The Terrace, which is more casual. Both have a reputation for very good food. If either is offering a buffet, it would more likely be The Terrace.

    Rio22, in Union, is a Brazilian rodizio. I've never eaten there, so I can't comment on the quality of the food. They are serving a Thanksgiving Day meal. But in line with your desire for a buffet, as with all rodizios, they normally offer a *very* lavish salad bar and, acc. to their website, there will be substantial holiday-related additions to it for Thanksgiving. You can see details on their website.

    If you want to consider restaurants that are serving Thanksgiving dinner, but not a buffet, there are several upscale places that have superb food, though reservations may be hard to come by at this late date.

    Nicholas, in Middletown -
    David Drake's, in Rahway -
    Chez Catherine, in Westfield -

    (Note: We had Thanksgiving Dinner at David Drake's last year, and it was excellent.


    Happy Thanksgiving and Bon Appetit!

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      The Frog and The Peach in New Brunwick is also open on Thanksgiving (it's prix fixe but not a buffet).

    2. The Stockton Inn is doing a dinner where they ask you to donate to a charity and only ask you to pay $5 for the meal. I believe they are accepting reservations. I was just reading about it.

      Supposed to be a very good restaurant from what I hear, although the management has changed since the last time I was there several years ago. Beautiful historic setting, in any case.

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        The Stockton Inn's Thanksgiving dinner fills up quickly so if you are interested you should make a reservation ASAP. However, you should be aware that this restaurant has received VERY mixed reviews - some quite negative - on this and other sites.

      2. Thanks for the wonderful tips! I will try calling those places.

        Thanks again!

        1. Hi I am also looking for a restaurant in the northern new jersey area serving Thanksgiving Buffet??? Looking forward to your responses and thanks!

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            This board is for Central and Southern NJ. For Northern NJ, you need to post on the Tri-State Board.

          2. The original comment has been removed