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Nov 20, 2006 07:31 PM

appetizer or dessert help with no kitchen supplies!

I am going to a holiday party (females only) and have to bring a dessert or appetizer. Problem is that I am moving that day, so all my kitchen stuff will be in boxes still, and I will have extremely limited time. Any ideas of what I can bring - other than stopping by a bakery? I hate the idea of buying rather than making, so thought maybe someone has a creative idea of something bought that is ok.

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  1. There is no shame in buying a nice desert. The week of thanksgiving is stressful enough, and the added stress of moving makes baking something from scratch almost impossible. I wouldn't worry about it, and I'm sure that they will understand.

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      I agree in no shame in buying a nice dessert. Go to the best bakery/patisserie you know of get something that will be a real treat, both to see and to eat. I don't think anyone would put you down for that.

    2. Cheese, cheese, cheese. You can also buy some apples/pear/grapes and slice them up when you get there. That and a box of crackers, and you're good to go. Good cheese is always appreciated.

      My aunt always used to set out a block of cream cheese, cover it with a can of the little teeny shrimp, and pour a bottle of chili sauce over the top. I'm sure it could be homemade much better, but it is good with ritz crackers. Or similarly, cream cheese and hot pepper jelly.

      In about half an hour, you could make bacon-wrapped dates. Roll up a date in half a slice of bacon, secure with toothpick, bake for 15-20 minutes til crispy. It really doesn't take long to roll them up, and you could do it ahead of time (with more time, put a little goat or manchego cheese in the date). And you could use a foil pan to bake them. This app is the hugest hit of anything I've ever taken to a party; depressing when I think how much time I invested in cheesecakes and other desserts.

      1. It's actually a December holiday party- same difference though. I know there is no shame, just thought someone might have an idea of something worth buying that presents itself well.

        1. An easy and tasty appetizer that requires no cooking - stuff a pitted prune d'agen with half a walnut, wrap in prosciutto or a french equivalent, stick in a tooth pick - tasty, and no cooking involved!

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            or a smoked almond inside a pitted date

          2. Have you considered some nice smoked trout or salmon? A little fish, a few capers, a slice of lemon-- ideal. Alternatively, a couple different preserved meats-- salame, lomo, jamon, air-dried beef, or whatever and some tiny gherkins are nice in winter. You don't need to knock yourself out wrapping things, though all these suggestions sound great.