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Nov 20, 2006 07:16 PM

tulcingo del valle - specific recs?

anyone have anything in particular they like from tulcingo, aside from tacos and tortas (or, for that matter, any fillings you like more than others)? i usually go to tehuitzingo, but am going for a sit-down meal, so tulcingo it is.

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  1. I was there 10 days ago and got three tacos: al pastor, carne enchilada y pollo. The pollo was dry (why did I get plain old chicken?) The first two were great. They come with a creamy avocado suace (not really guacamole) I like it, but many on this board ask for their tacos without. I also ask for the trio of salsas they have.

    1. The adobado de puerco I had was amazing. My friend's pipian de pollo (chicken w/ pumpkin seed sauce) was pretty good too. I only went that once, but I thought the place was great.

      1. I'm a huge fan of the torta al pastor with sliced avocado instead of guacamole...

        1. I like the pipian de pollo and they do a good mole poblano too, though it isn't sweet enough for my taste. (Sietsema complimented them for not using sugar, though, so it is sweet enough for some.) The tinga de pollo is good too, though it reminds me a bit of spaghetti sauce.

          1. Tortas are the best. Personal fav is the lengua (tongue) torta. Soft, tasty meat. Get it with everything, avocado slices instead of gauc (as a_and_w recommends). Mixture is fabulous.