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Nov 20, 2006 07:11 PM

The old Olive Branch restaurant in Arlington??

Looks like someone is renovating the place. Can't say I'm saddened to see the Olive Branch go. Any thoughts on who may be taking over the spot?

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  1. I liked the food at the Olive Branch, but it was a bad location for a place like that (and it used to be a dairy queen, which didn't help).

    No news on what is going in there as of yet. Nothing on any of the Arlington Web sites. Hopefully it won't be another bank (Friendly's, which was next door, became a Cambridge Savings Bank a week or two ago).

    1. I drove over there yesterday evening. No sign in the windows, very dark, and as you say, it looks like renovations are being made. If anyone hears about what might be going in there, I'd love to know.

      1. I usually drive by every day so when I see something, I'll post ASAP.

        1. I had a bunch of great meals there, too. But the good food and the warmth of the owners were not enough to make up for its faults. The atmosphere was not the best; it was always obvious you were in a former fast food joint. I hope the immigrant family that ran the Olive Branch will be able to get back on their feet very soon.

          1. I went by the other day and the place is getting a renovation by a company that only does food service establishments, so it will not turn into a cell phone store or something. No indication of what it might be. That place has been a Chinese joint and 2 middle eastern restaurants since I've been here. I think it was a Sabra for a while...the falafel was outstanding. Horrible early 60's wooden decor with remnants of very old meals lodged between gaps in the wood at the tables. Glad to see it re-done whatever is going in there.