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Nov 20, 2006 07:08 PM

thanksgiving in melbourne

i know somebody recently asked about cocoa for thanksgiving, but any thoughts right in melbourne? not at all familiar with the area- any nice hotels on the beach with a buffet? some have said djons restaurant would be good?

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  1. Cocoa's right next to Melbourne, and probably a better bet food-wise. I had a decent Mother's Day brunch at the Hilton Melbourne Beach (321-777-5000), not sure about their t-giving availability. Also, when I was working one T-giving we had a catered turkey dinner from Imperial's Hotel in Viera. Their site says they have a full buffet, $24.95 for adults with live entertainment. Click "Special events":

    That's if you're craving turkey. If not, there are plenty of quality restaurants in Brevard that may be open on T-giving, but serving their typical quality fare. A search of this board will yield lots of recent, great tips. If you have any more questions, please let us know. :-)

    1. Djon's is closed on Thanksgiving, so cross that off your list. All the major hotels(Crowne Plaza, Hilton, Doubletree) will be featuring buffets, and they are very popular so if that is what you like make a reservation now. The Chart House is also open, and they do as good a job as anyone in Melbourne when it comes to good, consistent food and service. Again, I would expect them to be very, very busy, so call quickly for a reservation. Most of the really good independent restaurants are closed( The Dove,Yellow Dog Cafe,Continental Flambe). Another option is Pineda Crossing; they serve a good selection of what I might term American cuisine.

      1. thanks for recs- actually looks like we are staying in indiatlantic. does that change things?

        1. Personally, I love the Chart House! Food is always great and the view isn't half bad ;-) Any hotel beachside, though, will probably be putting on a great buffet. Can't go wrong with that!!

          1. To answer your question regarding location...The Chart House is just south of the causeway that connects Indiatlantic & Melbourne. Pineda Crossing (which is one of our favorites) is about 12 miles north of the causeway on Rt. 1.

            If you're looking for a traditional Thanksgiving, you could also go to Chowders ( ). It's also on Rt. 1, about 2 miles north of Pineda Crossing. It has a great view and will be a lot cheaper than any of the hotels or other places mentioned.