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Chocolate Tempering Thermometer

Can anyone suggest a store in the Scarborough/Markham area where they sell chocolate tempering thermometers? If not, the GTA? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. I would try Williams-Sonoma.

    1. I would try Kitchen Stuff Plus; they had a variety of cooking thermometers for great prices the last time I went.


      Scarborough location is at 29 William Kitchen Road (Kennedy & 401)

      1. You want one that will measure down to 20 degrees Celsius which rules out most of the candy thermometers. I'm taking a chocolate class right now and did some research recently. The Thermapen is what everyone raves about, but it costs a fortune ($100!). There were other positive comments online about CDN ProAccurate thermometers. I ended up buying the model that's on a rope ($35).

        Degrees Kitchen Store (http://degreeskitchen.com/) near Yonge and Eglinton carries both of the above.

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          Thanks guys for the help. Gnuf, this chocolate class you are taking, is it part of a larger program? I would like to take some classes myself; if you can give me some info it would be great.

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            I'm taking it at George Brown College. The class is one of a few chocolate and confectionary continuing education classes they offer which are part of the Bakery Arts program.

        2. I bought a decent probe thermometer at Lee Valley (which is very east Toronto, Sheppard and Morningside) they have other models you can check out on the website.

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            There's now a Lee Valley store on King near Spadina, and it is very easy to order via phone or net.

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              Good to know, but I live very east of the city so, Scarborough is not a problem for me. Thanks!

          2. I just saw this one online at Golda's Kitchen.
            They are at Heartland Town Centre in Mississauga.


            1. Loblaws sells an electronic thermometer for about $15 that is very accurate. (I checked it). It's actually intended as an oven thermometer. It has a detachable 1 meter probe, and 1 degree (C or F) resolution. It measures to lower than 10C.


              1. Throw out the thermometer and buy a good food processor.

                For perfectly tempered chocolate, put good quality chocolate in a food processor and let it run for around 8 minutes.

                It's foolproof.

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                  Do you put the chocolate in the food processor after it's melted?

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                    Interesting technique, I've never heard of this before. Could you give some details?

                  2. Roughly chop the chocolate and put the pieces in the food processor.
                    As the friction causes it to heat up it will melt and naturally temper.

                    1. HA! brilliant! will need to try a food processor for sure. good bye arm cramps!