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Nov 20, 2006 06:43 PM

Chocolate in the Twin Cities

I am participating in an international secret santa. The giftee lives in the Netherlands and really likes chocolate. I'm sending some non-food things but would really like to include a small taste of good local chocolate. Where would you reccomend(sp?)I go? I'm thinking a small 2-4 piece box of something scrumptious.


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  1. Legacy Chocolates, absolutely. They're on Marshall Ave. in St. Paul, a couple of doors down from Izzy's ice-cream shop. Incredible chocolate in many different flavors and intensities.

    1. I am a huge BT McElrath fan. You can find his stuff throughout the TC, places like Byerlys, Lunds, Surdyks. Below is the link to his site.
      Full Disclosure: I know Brian so I can't pretend to be totally unbiased, but he has won a lot of awards and I think his chocolate is the bees knees.

      1. A few months ago, I would have recommended Jamie's Truffles, but Jamie has retired from the chocolate biz, alas. (Fun as it sounds, chocolate-making is a hard way to make a living!)

        So ditto on either BT McElrath or Legacy Chocolates.

        BT is truly world class, and offers a great range of chocolates. My current passions are his dark chocolate-macademia toffee and the plain dark chocolate truffles - but I'd recommend a box of his exotic flavored truffles for your giftee.

        I think of BT as a "French-style" truffle, and Legacy as more of a "Belgian-style" truffle, with really dark chocolate and subtle flavors; Legacy would be my second choice.

        Chocolate Celeste's truffles ain't too shabby, neither. (They'd be my third choice.)


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          3rding the B.T. McElrath, eating a Magdalena truffle right now.................okay I'm back. Make sure you get this year's FRESH truffles-- some places let them get stale :(

        2. I love Legacy Chocolates. They are organic, you can specify the level of chocolate AND if you are a new customer they will often give you a free sample if you ask! Then, while you are there, you can stop by Izzy's and buy yourself an ice cream (I personally recommend the peanut butter, if they have it).