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Nov 20, 2006 06:37 PM

Food options at BWI Airport?

I have a layover around dinner time at BWI and haven't been through that airport in a while. Any good food options there? While I am at it, any good food at the Detroit airport

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  1. I think there's a Nathan's hot dog in BWI.

    1. Most of it is chain driven, although Bateman's is at least a local chain (if in fact it has opened).

      Good luck.

      1. Airport food is airport food. I'd opt for California Tortilla if you like tortilla wraps that aren't particularly Mexican or Texican. Some are pretty tasty.

        1. There's Obryki's (spelling?) But beware - extremely overpriced for a cocktail, even for the airport.

          1. Given that you need to be through security to get to most (though not all) of the options, it would be useful to know what airline you are using, which would help narrow down the options. On connecting flights, you're going to be coming in and largely staying within the confines of the security zone for that pier.

            I wasn't able to find anything on line that lists all the food options and where they're located (why don't airports do this to help travelers?), but this link has all the news releases by the company that runs the retail outlets (including food) at BWI. By going through them, you should be able to put together a list of what's there.


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              One good thing is that BWI is almost done with their renovations, and last month when I was there, they were advertising that lot more food options were coming. Right now, they have a few decent places that seem like knockoffs of Panera Bread. I'd still go with the Nathan's dog and tater tots though.