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Nov 20, 2006 05:55 PM

Where eat near 49th & Lexington?

Would appreciate recommendations...

Price: Low; some moderate
Food: Any, especially sushi, pizza, Chinese, fish, burgers


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  1. Try the new Dos Caminos on 3rd Ave & 50th Street

    1. There are some great places right around there including Menchanko-Tei, Hurry & Tasty Curry, Oms/b and more. Check out my site

      1. For a burger, go to 43rd and 2nd Ave to GoodBurger. One of the best in the city.

        1. there's a new burger a little closer...on 54th and lex. haven't tried it yet.

          pampano on 49th between 3rd and 2nd is great mexican.

          1. also, decent sushi, and better prices at yama in the high 40s between 2nd and 3rd