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Nov 20, 2006 05:44 PM

McDonald's Angus Burger??

Anyone tried this yet?

I saw an ad for it as a I drove by a local McDonald's.

Just curious ... maybe the next menu offering will be a Kobe 1/4 pounder ...

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I have not eaten one of these as of yet, but I just finished chatting with the McDonalds Corporate customer service department, and they are just using generic Black Angus ground beef. The are not using anything special such as Black Angus ground cuck, ground round or ground sirloin, Iso I bet McDonalds is just using the cheapest Black Angus cuts and grinding them up to be ground beef patties. Hardee's at least is using Ground Sirloin for some of their Angus THICK BURGERS. McDonalds may be the biggest, but they will never be the BEST, as they trive for VOLUME sales and to be the BIGGEST fast food chain, but don't seem to be concentrating much on being the best. Places like Culvers, Applebees, Fudruckers, etc will beat McDonalds HANDS DOWN any day, when it comes to PREMIUM burgers.

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        Like you, I saw the ads and while traveling I had a late arrival and was starving. Before I got to the hotel, I drove through a McD's and picked up an Angus burger. Let me just tell you, I called my sister to let her know I'd arrived and told her about the burger; my conclusion was: there is some guy in the McD corp named Angus and they named a burger after him! I was convinced there was no Angus Beef (registered version) in that burger I ate. We had fun with the McD jokes as indigestion began to set in. Our final conclusion? Save your money and your waistline.

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          Besides using "the cheapest cuts", I wonder if they are using the ammonia-treated "trimmings" from Beef products inc. that was exposed by the NY Times in in their Dec. 30, 2009 article, "Safety of Beef Processing Method Is Questioned". I haven't had a McDonald's burger since I read that article, gross!

        2. Riddle me this Batman. I wonder how many people that profess the love of Kobe beef burgers also buy lean ground beef when they make burgers at home.

          1. Gee. More Angus Beef that people find sub rate. Go figure.


            1. I had one the other day....they are quite big for a McDonalds burger....kind of reminded me of the 6 dollar burger...i joked on another board I post at that Angus has come to mean "thick slice of meat" in the modern vernacular.

              It was surprisingly dry...but frankly, wasn't HORRIBLE. I liked it better than Carl's $6.

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                while i won't say it's the best burger i have ever had, i thought it was by far the best burger i have ever had at McDonald's. On the drive to Palm Springs we stopped at a McD's for shakes, and they were offering samples in the drive though line. Pretty tasty. A few weeks later, out and about after a few cocktails I treated myself to a whole one and loved every bite. (There is no Carl's or In'n Out in my hood).