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Nov 20, 2006 05:40 PM

What places have NEVER disappointed?

What places have never disappointed you? Minimum of say, 3 or 4 trips, but probably should be more like 5 to 10.

Even the most reputed and respected establishments have at one time or another come up a bit short. I've been going to SPAGO since it was at its former life in WeHo and have experienced more than one "below average" meal. Same goes for PATINA, which I've been going to since it occupied the new Providence spot.

I simply adore the pizza at ZELO, but even they have not been perfect each time (one time the crust was a bit soggy, oh well ...)

I've come to accept these little bumps in the road, as no one can really expect perfection day-in and day-out. Even the most beautiful person in the world has an off-day where they look, shall we say, less than stunning.

That being said, there are a handful of places that have NEVER disappointed me. In no particular order:


And what about you?

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  1. Daikokuya, kotteri style. My old ramen favorite, Shin Sen Gumi, has been inconsistant one too many times. The soup seems to be so different every other time I go. Daikokuya, on the other hand, is consistently delicious each time. Noodles are firm and chewy, soup is flavorful and hot. It never disappoints.

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    1. re: pinkshch

      BIG second this... For YEARS always the same... just perfect... :)


      1. re: Dommy

        I will third this... this is a regular stop for my LTA (Lovely Tasting Assistant) and I.

        Here's a tip.... 10% off coupons on their website. I keep a stack in my glovebox. Website is not working right now, but here is a direct link for when it does.

        Mr Taster

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          I never knew about those coupons! Thanks! :)

    2. yung ho tou jiang for taiwanese breakfast foods
      china islamic for lamb hot pot and thick scallion pancakes
      888 for dim sum
      full house for dim sum
      mpv for seafood and geoduck sashimi

      as you can see, i have chinese on my mind. =)

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      1. re: wilafur

        we have similar tastes in chinese food.

        i will add newport seafood to this list - they have, in my opinion, the best geoduck (elephant clam) sashimi, and then they batter and fry the other half. delicious!

        i love full house for dim sum as well - they have my favorite shrimp balls rolled in rice. so cheap too!

        spago, as well =)

        cho dang tofu in torrance on sepulveda - great soon tofu and kalbi, and spicy cucumber side dish

      2. When I'm in the mood for Mexican but not in the mood to "explore" I go to Poquito Mas! they have never disappointed me and are always consistent.

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        1. re: pmcdonald

          i feel the same way about taqueria sanchez on centinela.

        2. Sushi Iki in Tarzana has never disappointed.

          The best live uni.
          Sweet live sea scallop.
          Meltingly rich bluefin toro and Kobe beef.
          Lobster and king crab sashimi.
          Kegani crab handroll.

          Just some examples of what I've had there. Been there over 10 times and have always had the best sushi.

          1. Sokongdong Soon Tofu
            Chosun Galbee (really!)
            Nook Bistro (except for one time the soup was a tad watery but I figured I'd mention them here because I've gone to Nook too many times to count!)
            Hungry Cat
            Sushi Bei (in Gardena)

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            1. re: donnival

              I agree with you about Nook. I have never been disappointed there.
              Same with Ruen Pair (when do they reopen?)