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Nov 20, 2006 05:38 PM

Dinner before an opera

Gave my parents tickets to see and opera at the Met this weekend and looking to find a place to send them to dinner beforehand. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.

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    1. Telepan come to mind - others have recommended Compass, which I've not tried. Picholine recently reopened and I recall one negative review about it in the last week or two (which doesn't mean I wouldn't try it). Despite the nay-sayers, I always enjoy the food at Rosa Mexicano - right across the street from Lincoln Center. Sapphire is a pretty decent Indian place a couple of blocks south of LC.

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      1. re: MMRuth

        Second Telepan and Compass. Although I lean more towards Telepan.

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          Here's a link to the recent Picholine review - albeit brief.

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            I agree with you about Rosa Mexicano, MMRuth. If you avoid the pressure to order their ridiculously overpriced guacamole, you can have a very decent meal there. Another place I like, also with a lot of naysayers here, is Luxembourg Cafe, right next door to Compass on West 70th. I find it comfy and rather charming, although sometimes a bit crowded. And I've never had a bad meal there. Very good French comfort food.

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              And I actually like the guacamole - overpriced though it is!

          2. If they like Japanese, Bar Masa.

              1. Picholine is excellent but very upscale and expensive. We stopped going there before operas years ago because it was rushed and not nearly as good as when you go there "to dine."

                If they can walk to 70th St., we loved Compass. They have a $35 prix fixe, but even if you don't choose that, it's not much more. That doesn't include tax, tip or drinks. Telepan is on our list for the future - more expensive.

                Fiorello Cafe (or maybe Cafe Fiorello) is right across the street and is deservedly popular. However, it is hard to get reservations for before the opera - probably too late, but you can try. They would probably enjoy it.

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                  According to Frank Bruni's recent 3* review of Picholine in the NYTimes, Picholine has relaxed its rules and "you can elect fewer courses or one of more than a dozen small à la carte dishes and cheese plates at the bar." I'm definitely going to give this a try soon.

                  1. re: Blumie

                    i didn't read the Bruni review, but i've never noticed any "rules" there in the fact, although i've only been there about 3 times, we've always ordered odd combos of appetizers, soups, and/or split entrees as compliments to the cheese plate (the main reason to go there, imho)...

                  2. re: sylviag

                    I've actually had luck walking into Fiorello before operas, but I've only done it on weeknights--maybe it won't be bad since it's Thanksgiving weekend?