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Restaurants catering to people with gluten intolerances

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I've been told that IC an no longer indulge in anything containing gluten... which leaves me with???

Any ideas about where I can go to eat if I don't feel like cooking???

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  1. Believe it or not, it still leaves you with loads of eating options. Virtually all preparations of meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, rice noodles, rice, quinoa and other non-gluten grains are gluten-free. Apart from avoiding wheat flour, you need to learn the hidden ingredients that contain wheat/gluten (many pre-made salad dressings, soy sauce, dustings of flour, etc.). You should only go to restaurants whose wait staff take food allergies/concerns seriously (i.e. they should always say they'll check with the chef to confirm no gluten in the dish you've ordered - some places think "just a little bit" will be okay).

    The hardest restaurants will be Chinese as they often use soy (and sometimes the language barrier will mean they don't fully appreciate the allergy). Sushi is okay if you bring your own wheat-free tamari along instead of soy. But even an Italian restaurant with pizzas and pastas will typically have veal or chicken dishes that you can enjoy and certainly steak houses, fish/seafood restaurants, Thai, Vietnamese, etc. Really, your options are much more open than you think (even though it would suck to give up baguettes!!).

    Check out the celiac website for more info. Good luck!

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      I'm assuming you live in the GTA when it's not specified above.

      1. I know that Il Fornello provides gluten-free options, oddly enough.

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          Yes, Il Fornello serves gluten free items. When our niece was diagnosed with celiac disease (apparently common among the Irish?), our brother and sister-in-law were absolutely thrilled when they came to T.O. to visit (from Indiana) and we took them to Il Fornello. The little girl was *so* happy to be ordering off the menu! :-)

        2. Yes, you can go to most restaurants and order a wide range of stuff without problems, but do heed the advice above about hidden ingredients! Burgers can contain wheat. Chinese restaurants can be really risky. Especially stay away from vegetarian Chinese places (where many dishes are actually MADE of wheat gluten). Don't play around with veggie burgers. Be very sure that things aren't dusted with flour before browning, thickened with flour, etc.

          For pasta/pizza, Il Fornello has some options. Magic Oven takes this VERY seriously.

          Also, there's a really good small dishes place called Relish on Danforth east of Woodbine that has an actual celiac menu.

          1. Gluten free restaurants...

            Il Fornello (many locations)
            Fressen (Vegan restaurant on Queen Street W)
            Magic Oven (Delivery and available at Noahs @ Yonge & Charles)
            Big Momma's Boy (Wellesley & Parliment)

            You can find lots of gluten free products @ The Big Carrot too

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              The restaurants you mention aren't "gluten free". They do offer some explicitly gluten-free food, which is probably what you meant. Not putting you down -- better safe than sorry.

              Although I haven't been thrilled with Big Momma's Boy overall, they have a lasagna, made with rice noodles, that is delicious.

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                thats what i meant, not exclusively gluten free, but they do have some good options

            2. If you're looking for something from a chain restaurant you can find all over the GTA- Jack Astor's has very good menu information for people with gluton allergies.

              Watch out, sometimes the servers are a little lazy about getting the information- if they don't, complain and somebody will help you out.