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Nov 20, 2006 04:26 PM

Harrisburgh/Hershey recs, please


I meeting some people prior to the Hershey Bears game on Wednesday, and would like to find someplace good, casual, inexpensive, with not terribly heavy food, in the general area for a quick(ish) meal prior to the game.

And, one person is this four person group is a quasi-vegetarian who eats fish. So, given these parameters, any recs?

Many thanks!

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  1. It depends on what you mean by inexpensive, but Al Mediterraneo in Hummelstown (next to Hershey) might be a good choice. You can go all out and have an expensive meal there or you can have excellent pizza, antipasto and salads. They also have a good choice of fish.

    1. looks good as long as we stick to salads and pizzas! And, they're quick enough that we can eat AND make the hockey game???

      1. The Batdorf in Annville is great (about 10 minutes down 422 East from Hershey). Eat at the bar for a quick meal. Burgers and most entrees are very good, would avoid the steaks as they usually overcook them. Great Bartenders - try the martinis - Dave makes a great Dirty Martini.

        1. We had a few terrific lunches at Isaacs near Hershey. Casual lunch, nice bright decor, terrific sandwiches and salads. Inexpensive. GREAT pretzel bread.

          1. I often drive the PA Turnpike and I like to stop at Passage to India. The lunch buffet is OK, but their menu is really excellent. Plenty of veg. options too.