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Pizza Cheese

Does anyone have any good new ideas for pizza cheeses besides the normals of Mozzarella, Parmesian, Cheddar, Romano, Asiago ... Looking for something really tasty and different .. I have been using alot of Feta lately.

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  1. A little bit of goat cheese or blue cheese add a lot of flavor.

    I make a funky pizza that uses blue cheese along with mozzarella and includes pear, sundried tomatoes and pine nuts as toppings.

    1. Mmmm, SuzMiCo, that sounds good. My SO puts Swiss on a pizza with fennel sauage and figs. It's a bit strange, but he loves it.

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        I agree with blue cheese with baby spinach layered underneath and halved cherry tomatoes

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          Swiss, sausage, and figs sounds great. Wierd, but worth a try indeed.

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            You mean fennel, sausage, and figs. Or do you mean to use a sausage with lots of fennel in it?

            Also, what kind of sauce would be involved, if any?

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              It's sausage with lots of fennel. He also puts on lots of carmelized onions. I think the origional recipe called for nothing else, however he sometimes spreads a very thin layer of tomato sauce as well.

        2. I like the idea of two cheeses. One base and one accent. Kind of like what SuzMiCo mentioned. I would give gouda and a real sharp cheddar a try. I've been wanting to try a white pie with brie.

          1. Ricotta is delicious dolloped on. I always do this when I have leftover ricotta.

            1. I second goat cheese. It's one of my favourite pizza toppings.

              1. yes, ricotta crumbled on the pie will do nicely. however, i have to say that i used a spanish cheese called IDIAZABEL (sp?) and got great results. its a nice, not too funky, sharp cheese. wonderful. kind of a pecorino romano thing going on. i think i went with a raw (that is, unpasteurized) one. i loved it.

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                  when you say crumbled on does that mean that you are using ricotta salata?

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                    ooooo, good call. i, infact, did use ricotta salata. that would be salted ricotta for anyone not in the know. great stuff.

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                      Spongy and smooth, Ricotta Salata is a rindless cheese made from lightly salted sheep's milk curd that is pressed and dried, then aged for at least three months. Supple in texture and mild in taste, Ricotta Salata is (despite its name) not at all overly salty or "sheepy." Instead, it boasts a mellow blend of nutty, milky and sweet flavors, which along with consistency afford the cheese an impressive versatility in the kitchen.

                2. I like to add a little Gorgonzola to my regular pizza.

                  1. bit more run o' the mill, but i like a combination of provolone, mozzarella & brick cheese when i make pizza. the cheese flavor profile changes markedly as the pie cools.

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                      Is that what they call Provel in St. Louis?

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                        Provel is a decidedly unappealing blend of cheddar, swiss, and provolone, which, fortunately for the rest of the world, is only available in the St. Louis area. Here is what Wikipedia has to say on the subject: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Provel_c.... Natives (and I've only lived here 30 years, so I don't qualify) love the stuff when found atop Imo's thin crust pizza. It's a mystery to the rest of us, however.

                    2. Cream cheese softened and squeezed from a pastry (or ziploc) bag in a big spiral underneath the mozzarella. mmmmmmmmm

                      1. I use mostly provolone, with just a bit of feta and Romano.

                        1. recently I made a pizza with fresh mozzarella and then a goats milk feta crumbled on top. I loved it!

                          1. Fontina is what your are looking for. With sage it is even better.

                            1. My Italian aunt used to use Port Salut

                              1. Fontina is good; not only does it melt well but it's nutty flavor is a nice addition.

                                1. Very untraditional, but great cheeses: fontina (the real stuff) and taleggio.

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                                    yesyes, fontina is absolutely fantastic on pizza. ymnow, i havent actually tried taleggio but i think it'd be nice. might have to cook it very quickly tho, no? i mean, its already getting soooo runny at room temperature, yknow? i think id love it tho.

                                  2. Smoked gouda goes nicely with carmelized onion, prosciutto and avocado. Yes, avocado. I'm on an avocado kick today.

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                                      Think I will try some smoked gouda, pulled pork, and carmelized onions. Maybe wash it down with a smokey tasting Paulaner Weissbier.

                                    2. My fav pizza when im in italy is speck and brie. (speck, for anyone who doesnt know is a smoky prosciutto usually made in austria)...you still do a tomato sauce layer and a sprinkling of mozza...then you add slices of brie and speck