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Nov 20, 2006 03:46 PM

no knead bread - help!

I have been so excited to try this method and started a batch yesterday. It bubbled over the first 18 hour rise. When I went to fold it and let it rest for 15 min before the second rise, it was still a wet mess. No problem. Others have mentioned this.

I am almost through my 2 hour rise and it is still a wet mess and doesn't sping back when poked - it just sticks to my finger. I used 1.5 c water, 3 c flour, 1/4 tsp yeast and 2 tsp salt. It probably isn't 70 degrees in my house but others have mentioned that as well.

I will still bake it to see if this method is truly foolproof but am curious... Thoughts on this one? TIA.

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  1. I made mine over the weekend and definitely think there is too much water in the recipe. I added enough to make the starter not a oooooooozing mass (maybe 1/2 cup which is more than called for), but the dough was still IMO too loose when it went into the LC overn to bake. It had oozed though the towel and stuck. Consequently I had a very flat loaf but it tasted AWESOME and had an excellent crust.

    Just bake it as is and see what you think. Next time I am going to cut down on the water -- maybe you will too.

    1. It will be sticky, and not like a "regular" bread dough when it's done with it's 2nd rise. With that said, did you use a lot of dusting flour when you turned it out and folded it? That kept it from being really sticky for me. I didn't use bran flour, just regular flour and I didn't use a towel, I used a bowl for the 2nd rise. I even sprinkled flour over the top of the dough after I set it in the bowl for the 2nd rise. If you can't touch it without it sticking, just try a little dusting flour over the top.

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        When I made it, by the second rising, it looked like regular bread dough. Mine wasn't that sticky, like everyone else has said, though.

      2. Yes, bake it anyway! Did you shake some flour on top before the 2 hr rise? If not, do so now before you throw it into the preheated pot. I think a good amount of flour coating the dough won't harm the crust, you'll just get a very white-coated crusted (which you can shake off after baking later). BTW mine was a wet mess after the folding. I ended up using about 1/4 cup flour to coat it before it was baked.

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          I agree. I probably added 1/4 cup of flour to the dishtowel for the 2-hr rising and it was still wet enough to stick to the towel. I just scraped it off and rolled the flattened mass into the hot pot. It rises very nicely during baking with lovely big holes in the moist crumb. The white flour-dusted crust was a thing of beauty just out of the oven. I do love this crusty loaf. sigh.
          ...and, I'll mix another batch this afternoon for baking tomorrow.