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Nov 20, 2006 03:34 PM

Philly's Best Thai...? (Birthday Dinner for My Better Half!)

Hello all - I am looking for your best thai recommendations in and/or around Philly. Since we live in Northern Maryland, I am pretty much willing to drive anywhere around suburban Philly, including West Chester, King of Prussia, etc. (as well as downtown). As always, any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance...

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  1. There are a lot of good Thai places in Philly - but for a special occasion, if you call ahead at Erawan and request "real" Thai food, they will make you much more authentic food. I did it with friends, and I think a group from Chowhound did it once too, and the results were really amazing. You can request pretty much whatever you want -- my group requested that they design a menu with a lot of fish and vegetables and a reasonable amount of spice for $40 a person and we were served 9 courses I think, all delicious and mostly things I'd never seen before. I'd recommend doing that if you want really great authentic Thai.

    1. I did it too, the woman does not lie. My only disagreement is that I think Thai food in Philly generally is lousy, and this from a fan of Philly.

      1. There is a tiny little hidden gem of a Thai Restaurant called the Mayuree Cafe in Wayne, PA, right near the Septa Train station. I am not a Thai expert, but I think it's great. It is REALLY small though, and you would be REQUIRED to get reservations. It's also BYO, and a two-person operation. The husband does the serving, and the wife does the cooking -- and when it gets busy, service does go downhill, but the guy is running around like crazy.